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decisions, decisions... set! NAA P51B Trumpeter 1/32

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actually I'm embarrassed ... I seem to be my partner in front of the (overflowing) wardrobe who doesn't know what to wear.



so I ask for your help! the possible choices for this GB (excluding a Hasegawa P47 which at the moment I don't want to make) are:

Revell P51D-15



wich I strongly hope allows me to couple it with the daisy Mae livery. I just love the Li'l Abner comics!

it should be a D-10 type, but I really don't know the difference between -10 and -15 batches. I'm still waiting the Valiant dedicated book (since November... again thank you, Brexit).






even here my ignorance reigns supreme, I don't know how much this kit is suitable, but I would like to make the Shangri La livery.



then, on land that is more familiar to me, I would have this:



for which over time I have accumulated a little more aftermarket, and which I intend to make in the colorful livery of the "parrot squadron".



so? suggestions, comments, complaints, everything helps, thanks!

cheers, Paolo


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For an easy build and a well fitting kit, go for the Dora.


Revell is what it is, but a really nice kit.


If You´re in for a wrestling match with ill-fitting aftermarket parts and soft plastiic go for the Trumpy Mustang B!


The kit itself are fine except the well-known issues, but build really well and you´ll get a nice model.

The Aires wheel wells fit nicley, as do the cockpit, but if you do want both in the same kit, You´re in for a lot of hard work, they´ll interfere with each other!


It´s a hard build, but not impossible!





I used a mix of Trumpeter, Dragon and kit-World decals, Aires cockpit and wheel wells, a Dragon spinner, resin propeller blades (can´t remember from who...), eduard etch, Landing gear legs and wheels from Mastercasters, landing gear covers and exhausts from Quickboost.


Good Luck whatever you choose!


Stefan  :beer:



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Daisy Mae flown by Alan Abner while with the 357th FS and Shangri La being from the 4th FG both fit the GB. JV 44's aircraft as well being Reich Defence with two P-47s claimed by the defence flight.

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I'm in the D-9 camp too.  The way I see it, there's a danger of this GB turning into a Mustang/Thunderbolt benefit, so if you must do a Mustang, then try making a decent model of Trumpy's awful P-51-B. (Plus, I have the said awful Trumpy B on my shelf of doom and you might give me ideas as to how to resurrect it :lol:).




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well well, thank you all for intervene, I'm benefiting of all your posts!


I would not have imagined, but it seems that the D-9 collects a lot of interest! however, I have the opposite doubt to Michael's: I would not like to invade a GB dedicated to the mighty eight with a German plane... the spirit seems to me to be oriented towards allied aircraft.

however 2, as Brad pointed out (thanks!), the JV44 seems to be fully titled to be in this GB.


meanwhile, some friends here have started saying that after the Lysander I deserve a high-end kit, and honestly I like the Daisy Mae P51D too much to not listen to them. then I looked on the web for the instructions and reviews of the Tamiya kit, and well, I'll be waiting for this summer, when a friend will came back from Japan, and will bring to me a Tamiya one at a reasonable cost, say about a mere 75% less than here (yes, times are a bit complicated, better be careful of unnecessary expenses).


so, for this GB we have two survivors, and again I'm not sure which box to open first. I can't decide if I want to make a relatively simple construction kit to focus on painting like the Hasegawa, or if I want to try my hand at the construction problems of the Trumpeter. 

by the way, the pic posted by Stefan is really inspiring, wonderful rendition, thanks to share it! did you find evidence of taht aircraft loaded with air bazookas? I'm searching for that, without any success...

Dave, one of the weakiest spots of the Trumpy kit is the Malcom hood: it's not bulged at all! also, I'm in for the Gentile horse, so bird cage hood, sorry. 


may be I'll follow the Alain's advise, seems to be the one that best suits my current state of mind!

I'll mumble around another couple of days, then I'll take a decision. where is my coin with two heads?:innocent:


thank you all again , I really appreciated you help. :hi:



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16 hours ago, mc65 said:


 ....did you find evidence of taht aircraft loaded with air bazookas? 


No, I had no references for the use of Bazookas, I just thought that It would look good with them and they were in the box, so why not?  :D


You may say I took some "builder´s artistic licence"....


Stefan :beer:






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