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Seeking display bases for 1/32nd aircraft


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For some reason I cannot find a supplier here in the states who offers square ready-to-use bases for 1/32 aircraft. I like the ones with some grass, maybe a bush or three and the wooden planks. I can find 1/72 but not 1/32, anyone have a source? TIA


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33 minutes ago, seiran01 said:

The zoukei mura / SWS ones are generally very nice, I have all but one of them here at the house


Squadron also made some, but they may be hard to find now.

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48 minutes ago, LSP_K2 said:

Aren't those all round?


I think they are, yes. I believe most of the Coastal Kits examples are too. On Facebook there's a page called 3D BASES by Mario Catania, but I'm pretty certain he's based in Europe, and most of his bases are either round, or not so simple (like carrier decks).



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Question about bases.  One of my hobbies is wood working.  I can produce wood bases with a finished trim edge of almost any flavor.  Basically custom sizes made from 1/2" or 3/4 plywood with either a flat birch edging or molding attached.  Edging that can vary from thickness of the board used to what ever kind of edging is desired.

Seeing how I'm looking at retiring soon, always looking for money making opportunities.

What would one be willing to pay for a custom cut and edged, but unfinished base, lets say 18" X 24" with a simple molding?  What would be some good "stock" sizes to have on hand for immediate shipping?  And keep in mind shipping these can get expensive.

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I make my own, I use laminated wood, then use router to shape the edge and then sand and varnish etc. I glue grass matting on, cork feet, and trimmed oak stripping (carrier decks), or plaster (concrete base) etc.

I could never find anything I liked on the open market, so I made my own. 



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