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Trumpeter A-6A "VA-65"


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On 1/21/2023 at 5:16 PM, Greif8 said:

That painting technique looks pretty cool Jeroen!  



Thanks! I'm glad I practiced this technique beforehand on my 1/72 F-4S, if my luck persists I think I'm really going like the results, which does not happen all that often when I paint stuff!


On 1/22/2023 at 1:01 AM, Finn said:

Here are a couple more nose photos of different aircraft, same squadron:


Thanks, those look even cleaner!

One small correction though, these are from VA-85 and not VA-65, too bad there don't seem to be decals for these as I do like them with the yellow trim and rudder!


In the meanwhile I've marbled-up a lot of other bits like the gear doors, slowly getting somewhere...



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Unexpected update.... ^_^

As previously stated  I had painted up the tailplanes and some small parts to try first.. For some reason I had issues with my Revell Aqua gloss white (#04) in that it would not spray properly, as if it was too thick, and then I wound thin it, then it would spider, then lower air pressure, etc. Eventually I did get them like I wanted but it wasn't fun nor very controllable...

This morning I had planned to do some to-do jobs but it was too cold outide for them, so I figured why not try to tame that gloss white, or give up and try something else.

I always airbrush my Aqua paint with thinned with X-20A, when it's warm I add a few drops of water or retarder, and that's it.

After some experimentation I concluded that this gloss white will thin best with just water, unlike the other Aqua paints I have used (almost all of them!)...


Finally I could spray a controllable and smooth thin white blend layer, and before I knew it it was a few hours later and I had this on my table:


Some area's still need work and I have some dust in some places, but overall it went well and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Here's a close-up of the blended marbling, it's hard to photograph but I'm pretty pleased as it's just showing variation yet does not look like a TPS scheme either. With decals and oil paint filters and weathering I think I'm getting somewhere :) I deliberately left some areas less covered up than others, though it doesn't show very well. 


(the photo is slightly reddish, in real life it's white)

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