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1/32 Avro 504 scratchbuild

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Time to throw this back up front.

The top wing is on and rigged.



Here I put together a part of the aileron control rigging.  The aileron cables are on the outside of the wings.



Now part of the 'system'.





Landing gear was next.



Followed by the 'toothpick'.



We need some wheels, don't we?  Axle ends are in the foreground.



Till next time.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Last update for this thread. 


Upper wing pulley and rigging detail.



Pitot tube detail.



Engine mounted.  Nice Taurus item.





Tail rigging detail.



Underside view.  Lots of details.



Only a couple more details and the prop to do, so it will be posted in the RFI section soon.

Thanks for following along.

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Thanks for posting, Craig and Kevin.  And thanks for following, everyone that reacted.


Craig, I really don't use any 'special' lathe tools, but I do grind them myself if needed, usually due to them needing to be small.  In this case, the inside of the cowling was cut with a 1/8" square tool, high speed steel, with a rounded end.  The tool holder set the tool at a 30 deg angle.  The outside of the cowling was done with a hand file and a couple of hours.  I can take pictures if you want, but the tool I used on the inside is a standard shape, just small.

My lathe is one of those Chinese jobs you can find many places.  I got mine at Harbor Freight many years ago.  Minilathe.com is a good reference.  Its where I learned what I needed to get started.

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