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New Eduard boxing : Bf109E Adlerangriff Limited Edition

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Just saw this at Hobby Search Store..stated its September release but can not find anything on Eduard site.

Look like option for Bf 109E-1/3/4 with two sets of wings and canopy's is provided + Galland figure.






Anyone knows more detail about this one, would like to grab one for Gallands decals.

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On 7/31/2020 at 5:19 PM, Jan-Arie said:

The 1/48 set is dual combo only.
But your right if you look at the diagram confusing :huh:

Yep You are unfortunately right according to the text in link. Looking at the decal options i think they could make a better effort , three schemes from listed 13 share the same decals...shame


On good note , new decals for Bf108 with Royal Yugoslav three tone scheme, That is nice :)

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On 8/1/2020 at 12:44 AM, MikeMaben said:

Looks like 2 sets of wings. One for the E-1 (no cannon bumps) and the E-3/4.

Two sets of wings is a nice touch.  Have to give applaud Eduard.  They do a pretty good job at reinventing their Bf-109E releases.  This is also interesting to me because they are still offering the plain box of sprues. No worries about competing with themselves I guess. The box of sprues is great for me because I have many decal sets.  And all said unless it comes with a high price I will buy one.  I will admit the Bf-109 is one of my favorites.   Time to call my LHS. 

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20 hours ago, scvrobeson said:

It's definitely a dual boxing.  Every sprue is doubled, except the wings, where they give you both options.





When u look diagram of parts yes, but they state single kit for 32 scale and dual combo for 48 scale in link provided above.

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1 hour ago, Rick Griewski said:

I have 4 schwarm in my stash. Probably do not need another.  But....


16 hours ago, LSP_Mike said:

Too bad. A Rotte of 109s in a box would be cool.

Two staffels in my stash, from E to K.....and strengthened staffel ( 14 finished + one at the bench at the moment ) on flight line.


Never enough 109s!!!

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