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  1. Took this from https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/322604-frightning-zaps.html Ark Royal cross decked with USS Forrestal in the Med about 1973 (IIRC), and had a couple of F4's from VMFA-531 operating for a few days. Came time to go into Grand Harbour and one F4 went U/S, and as we came very close to Dom Mintoff's anti-USA dominion. The only solution was to strike the offending machine into the lower hangar away from prying eyes whilst we were in Malta. After a couple of days it was snuck into the upper hangar and repaired by 892, who had this really nice tail fin colour scheme. A few days before we departed Valletta a light grey RN F4 appeared on deck to carry out ground runs, with brown paper stuck just where USMC markings might have been Within 2 hours of clearing the harbour, VMFA-531 CO's personal airplane was returned with one of the best zaps: so good, he took it all the way back home. Posted by John Eacot Maybe of intrest.... Found something on Facebook check VMFA 531 Grey Ghosts there is a photo with some text. "Redneck" & "Sea Slug" trapped aboard the Ark Royal and the ship was diverted to Malta for a political event. The US was not on good terms at that time (except when you bought a boat load of booze for the "Admin's Ashore"), so the jet was covered in the hanger and the tail repainted with RN Squadron colors. We loved it but on return the Admiral did not - so the tail got returned to its official glory. © Dick Pawloski
  2. Thank you Kagemusha have to compare some things from the kit, I think the cannons will be brass ones and the decals I have I have a large collection of dutch decal sets in 48 and some in 32 scale..
  3. Thank you Dennis will look further in to this, My skills are reasonable but as far as I can see there are two engine covers and the pointy tail is also in there and I believe also two different gun bulges if I,m correct in the 1/32 tamiya Mk IX kit. If I,m correct the other dutch Spitfire the Silver one has also a Packard Merlin in there a 224. will see thanks again all...
  4. Thanks for all comment's I think the pointy rudder is also in the mk IX kit..
  5. Good evening I have a question, I was looking at Spitfire TB 885 that is flown in the Netherlands is it correct that this is a high back version? Is there any body who can tell me what the difference is between the Mk IXc and the LF Mk XVIe that the TB 885 is. Because when I look at the photo's I can't detect much differences between the two but i'm sure there are searched google but couldn't find any satisfying answers. Wanted to know if it's possible to use the Tamiya 1/32 MK XIc for that if the differences aren't to big... Jan-Arie
  6. Don't know if this is already known but might by handy... Article by AirCorps Art https://www.aircorpsart.com/blog/WWII-color-codes/?fbclid=IwAR0GNpB3V9Nnn7dKBR6Y_WZdIePPh1OH4rTOhEz3cNELvgPhDaCM0gR0qAs
  7. Donated hope that they will get back on top, as a long time lurker I also wanted to give something. Having a kit from him in the stash I hope that i will be able to build it some time in this lifespan.... Great effort... enjoy the weekend....
  8. Hey Rich excellent build love all the lights. Massive size and as good as the F15 you did for Steve....
  9. Only thing I could find is this page it is in Spanish http://fdra-aereo.blogspot.nl/2013/11/lgb-introduccion-y-caracteristicas.html Has something to do with NAA Nort American Aviation ( Rockwell ) LGB testing at Eglin also the name of Colonel Joe Davis turned up in one of the examples at google search. Interesting piece.
  10. Very cool build and for the people who use FB check out the page of Meiermotors GmbH they are in the final stages of restoring a G-12 two seater.. Or use the normal page at https://www.facebook.com/MeierMotors-GmbH-196699400376090/?fref=ts http://www.meiermotors.com/index.php/projekte/messerschmitt-bf109/messerschmitt-bf109-g-12
  11. I found two maybe it's one of them.. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=59124 http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=55433
  12. Found this on Facebook but the page is accessible by non members It on the page of the Fighter Factory https://www.facebook.com/FighterFactory/ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. © The Fighter Factory Hope it is of some use to the modellers out here...
  13. May I say not bad for a 18$ kit were there any difficulty's building the kit? The A4 brings back a lot of memories I was a Gunner on the A4 in the Netherlands Army in the 90's I will have a look if that one is available over here.
  14. My sincere condolences to the Family and the people on this board as I'm not yet active in the LSP models I loved to follow his knowledge and conversations. R.I.P Mr. Brooks. Blue Skies Spitfire MK1A Comanche Fighters Goodwood 2015 my photo..
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