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I've been working on adapting the 3D printed additions for my 1/32 scale OV-10 projects to a new project - a 1/8.7 scale RC OV-10A made by Motion RC.  Here's a photo of the 1/32 scale rack/bombs and the 1/8.7 scale versions.  I haven't actually received my RC model yet, so test-fitting and attachment work will follow.  The RC model has a 55 inch wing span.


In this photo the 1/32 scale bits were all printed on my DLP printer.  For the huge scale version I printed the rack on an FDM printer and the bombs on a DLP printer.  (NOTE:  the bombs didn't quite come out right due to support failure, but they're good enough for the test fit).



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This project started when an old squadron mate from my OV-10 days (40 yrs ago!) told me he was into the RC hobby in a big way, specifically electric powered "foamies".  He had just gotten the Motion RC OV-10 with a 55 inch wing span (scale = 1/8.7).  It looks very accurate in dimensions, and even though it's made to fly it will look great sitting on a table.  His idea is that we could dress it up to look even more like the real thing.  Some additions could be permanent and some could be removable for flying.    


The model is so big that some parts, like the 230 gallon fuel tank, will easily exceed the capacity of my resin printer, so I bought an FDM printer to handle those.  So while I continue to work on my Sembach OV-10A I'm also upscaling everything for the 8.7 scale model.  

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Rather than create new rocket pods I first tried sprucing up the kit parts.  One good thing about this is that the part remains flyable.  These kit pods are made of foam and weigh next to nothing.  Here it is with some Vallejo filler, Vallejo "Interior Green" 71.010, Vallejo Model Color "Natural Steel" 70.864 and "Flat Blue" 70.962.  I'll be making some sway braces for it as well.  Doing research on placards.



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Filling in unwanted seams with Vallejo putty and sanding off injection marks.  I removed the servo arms from the servos and made new servo covers that cover up the whole servo well.  The control horns were removed with the help of some Bob Smith Un-Cure, then a new covers were installed.  All covers made from 1mm styrene sheet.  I can get this wing looking pretty good, but there is still an "alligator skin" texture to deal with.  I'd rather not slather on thick coats of primer or sandable latex, but it may come to that - that would make the airplane a non-flyer.



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Having flown quarter scale for many years, that seems like the eternal R/C quandary: To what extent to go/how much detail to add VS how well the model will fly.


Looking good so far! Really love the OV-10, and always thought a giant scale R/C ship would be rad. This one looks huge setting on the bench on a normal cutting board! 

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Filling holes and seams in the OV-10.  I'm trying some spray insulation to fill in the holes.  These holes contain the screws that attach the main components together.  The spray insulation will make the operation reversible in case I want to disassemble the airplane later.  


In an effort to keep the weight down I'm going to use primer (Rustoleum 2X) on the underside of the airplane and Primer-Filler on the upper side.  I'll see if I can get rid of the alligator skin on the visible top-side surfaces.





The bomb rack and practice bombs have taken me a lot longer than I'd like, but they're going to look nice.  I painted the bombs Vallejo 71.111 USAF Light Blue.  Maybe they could be slightly bluer, but close enough.  


The original rocket pod weighs 8.5 grams.  The filled and repainted one weighs 9.5 grams.  The bomb rack/bombs weighs 35 grams.  The original external fuel tank weighs 36.5 grams.  So if you leave the tank off and replace two of the rocket pods with bomb racks/bombs, then the net weight gain is only 16.5 grams, which I'll call flyable.





The lack of markings on the euro-one painted, Sembach-based OV-10s is astounding.  Here are the decals for two complete airplanes.  No ejection seat markings, no rescue markings, no aircraft data plate, no "no step"s, nada, zilch.  I don't know how they got away with it.  If you've just built an F-4 and are suffering from decal burnout, this is the plane for you!





EDIT:  I was wrong wrong!  There are vertical red "PROPELLER" warning placards on each side of the fuselage.

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Struggling a bit with the Euro One colors.  The colors I settled on after lots of research were:  Vallejo 71.124 USAF GREEN, Vallejo 71.056 PANZER Dk. GREY, and Mission Models MMP-066 US MEDIUM GREEN.  These are supposedly the correct FS colors.  One thing I learned is that when sprayed on top of light gray primer the greens, and especially the MMP-066 green, will need multiple coats.  The other thing I learned is that the Panzer Dk. Grey is just too dark.  Here are photos of the Panzer Dk. Grey compared with Vallejo 71.055 Black Grey.  The "Black Grey" is actually lighter than the Panzer Dk. Grey and looks much better to me.






I still don't have a complete map of the Euro One scheme on the OV-10, so I've had to build my own from looking at photos found on the internet.  Unfortunately almost everyone takes photos of the same angles!   There will be some guesses in certain areas.


The nose is painted USAF Green.  Here it is with the ALR-46 antennas installed (printed on a resin printer).




The LAU-68 rocket pods came out pretty good, but they are a little too fat and have some alligator texture even after the priming and sanding, so I'm going to make new ones out of some 30mm diameter plastic test tubes with 3D printed ends and suspension bits.



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