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Tamiya 1/32 P-51D - first LSP build with lots of little firsts

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Herewith my first LSP - for that matter, first build of any sort - in more than 40 years. It represents a warbird rendition (hence the modern VHF aerial on the finished thing) of an aircraft from 12e Escadrille, Forces Armées Bretonnes, in Algeria in support of the French operation there in the 50s. My intention with this bird was to learn and a "what if" subject allowed me to experiment without having to worry about faithfully capturing a real aircraft. That said, I did set myself something to aim at:



Did I succeed? Well, I'll let you decide - she's never going to win any prizes but for a first go, I'm happy with the result.  When I'm a bit better at all this I might revisit her with a slightly more battered "in service" finish, in European theatre colours.


Paint and satin finish are Vallejo, some Xtracrylix used in the cockpit, gloss layer is Alclad Aqua and helped along by brass gun barrels, resin main wheels and various scratch stuff. Markings all masked, the few stencils are HGW wet transfers.  Build thread is here .












and the only pic of the cockpit I have, currently



(I know the armour plate should be black... apparently the owner doesn't :P )







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12 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Lovely build, Sepp! May I publish it on the website?




Wow! I'm honoured and amazed ... yes, of course you may, Kevin! :) My real name is John Chance.

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