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Hasegawa Ki-84.

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Thanks very much guys.


There is no uniform colour. It is a mix of GCI Hobby color cocoa and Tamiya Dark brown.

I am not using washes or the airbrush for weathering the camo. I am using a combination of the following pastel chalks: red, pink, light and dark green, purple (wing roots), orange, dark brown, cream and yellow. I apply them in layers using 4 brushes, small and large flat brushes and 3 round brushes and cotton buds to apply streaks.

Once one lot is done I apply clear flat and sand it smooth, start again...

I also use artist and AK Weathering pencils.


I am trying this method on both the Tony and Frank because I don't want my models to be pretty. I see many pretty models. I have decided I want old rotten looking WWII models. Basically models based on my head. The last time I saw a head like mine it had a hook in it's mouth. A head only a mother could love, and that crazy cow tried to strangle me! :D

True story.


It is a long method. I spent days getting the Tony somewhere near what I want. But it is fun. And pastels can be removed easily. I like how relaxed this method is.


Thanks again. :)

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38 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

Super nice man! I love the color too.

Thank you very much. :)


29 minutes ago, Uncarina said:



It is really fun seeing these come to life!


Cheers,  Tom


Thank you Tom. I am enjoying my modelling now. It had been uncomfortable before when I wondered if I could complete a model. Now my brain has cleared I am confident. 


I really appreciate the support.

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