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After some years of small projects, and no inspiration, i found it back.


Last week i started with my 4the F-14 in 1/32.  Basicly, it will have most of the available extra's.

-eduard F-14d exteriour set

- eduard F-14d undercarriage

- eduard F-14 set for tamiya

- Aires cockpit set

- Aires wheel bays

- Aires exhaust

- Zactoman intakes

- Ben schumacher's ECS vents


I try to keep this thread going and put as much pics on, if i'm not going to fast.


At this moment the cockpit is done.






 and the wheelbays are painted.




I started working at the Wings




All the wrong rivets on the forward fuselage are removed/filled.



At the rear, i filled the wrong rivets, added the actuator cooling vents, andraised the area a little bit with MrSurfacer




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8 hours ago, Squizzy said:

I have pretty much the same bag of resin in the stash for a similar build, I'll enjoy watching this! 

Do you have any after market decals in mind? 

Well, i think Vandy one, but have 2 VF-101 sets , VF-11 set, and a vf-2 set.  At this moment i can still go for a late B model or a D, i have some 6sets for B, so, i think it would be difficult to decide now. more progress pics from the wing.20190521_000921_zpsbbogxc7r.jpg


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2 hours ago, A-10LOADER said:

Great work so far on everything, looks really good. You need to add the Programmable Tactical Information Display (PTID) control stick to the RIO's left side console.




Yup, i know, but i wait till all the rest is done, cause of i want to put foam in the cockpit for protection there is a chance it gets snagged and lost.


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