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1/32 trumpeter F-14D

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did some work today, (not that much, cause lost my job today) to keep the mind clear.


Added detail to the ventral fin, one done, 1 to go.



And every time, adding panels to the forward fuselage, and let me tell ya, fitting sucks.

On most places i need to add spacers, or the gaps are huge.




Did some windscreen details




And the ECS vents


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Some great work here!


Indeed, Ive been laid off 3 times in my life, and its never ever fun.  Looking for a job IS a full time job on most accounts.   I found modeling is a catch 22 when you loose your job; you have all this extra time, but the depressive effects of loosing ones job makes it hard to get to the bench sometimes............


But one you get to the bench it can help keep the brain occupied...............but you have to get there in the first place and there is where the Catch 22 comes into play. 

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thanks for the support, got some done today.


Started with the HUD, i tried to use some prismatic paint (alclad) but when i spray it, it gets white/flat. So, i used a brush, it worked great on the HUD lens.


i tried it on the glass, and fucked it up, so made new ones.



and sculpted a new wingbladder



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yesterdag, i ordered the the Tomato decals (not that i have enough decal sets) but the gilfriend says, it was the best eyepopping bird.

Also, this weekend i won't build much, cause i'm compating in a contest with 1/48 this weekend.  Even just invested in the hobby again, and bought just a whopping 300$ worth of building materials.

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The last 3 days i did the dryfitting, and modding it all for the Zactoman intakes. Its not an easy task, resin wheelbays, resin ecs vents, and the intakes are not intended to be used together. 

I thinned the vents side, and made a thin cut in the air bleed compartiment.


On the wheel bay side, and on the air bleed compartiment i had to remove some extra resin, so the  compartiment rests on the angled wheel bay part.

Also, i added some strips to make sure the compartiments get on the correct position, and added a cover on the bottom of the vents.


painted the intakes


just an example





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Nice work! I will be following your job to get inspiration to made my Tamiya's tomcat, one day. And you are doing a great model!

I wish to you to get a new job, perhaps better than the old one! And keep in the kits, it always helping us with the life troubles. To me they helps a lot.


Cheers, Paulo.

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WOW, that really looks like quite the project !! Best of luck getting thru this phase of the build. What you have accomplished so far looks great.




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