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well im about to build the epic revell 1/32 super bug, from reports on here and other forums, the build is not that good, there are concerns about the landing gear and the shape, well this will be nearly OOB

as im worried about the landing gear legs been very flimsy, so im going to build her in flight, kindly i have a donated pilot and some nice decals (as the kits ones look a bit thick)

so here we go.....


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OK so unlike most kits this starts with the engines. 

This kit worries me on page 1, how many kits instructions tell you to remove flash!! its a new kit FFS




then they tell you to file down surfaces, now i may be wrong but if your making a kit, surely youd make it fit rather then ask the builder to file bits down?




so moving on to my build, as mines going to be inflight, i need to insert some 4mm tubing into the jet pipes, so off comes the end of the rotor head




the tube was then glued in place with epoxy, sadly i couldnt push them in further because it would foul the tail plane fixture. However the fit is so tight on the engine face and the exhaust and ive packed this with epoxy, it will never move



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Is that a first? I don't remember any kit having that as part of the instructions. 


But I guess they at least owned up to it and tried to help us build it so it actually fits, rather than keeping it a surprise and leaving us to deal with the trial and error of fitting ill-fitting parts...

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