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Revell Fw 190 A-8 Rammjäger inbound

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Yep, I posted a list of stuff on that Hannants release list that I'm REALLY looking forward to. I've completed my own R8 using the Black Dog conversation and some other parts, but still hoping it comes out  right.


I'm also REALLY looking forward to the two announced Extra 300 SCs too!

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58 minutes ago, AlanG said:


Sorry to go off topic for a minute. I have this conversion set too. What do you think of it?



I thought it was excellent. I was and am no expert on the the R8, but did quite a but of research to see what was essential. The bullet resistant glass was pretty clear and well molded, and I thought their PE armor plating looked good under paint. The krebs-gerat WGr 2 is scratched w/a Lior Roar WGr 21, and some EagleParts resin Mk 108 canon fairings with MDC resin smooth main wheels to complete the R8 main changes I wanted. I was very happy with how mine turned out, but I'd still probably pick an OOB R8 up:







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Looks fantastic Out2gtcha! Hope mine comes out looking as good as yours.


I have been collecting bits n bobs for a Fw190 project i have planned. I want to do Hptm. Willi Moritz Fw190 A8/R2.


So far i have EagleCals EC#99, Blackdog conversion, Aires wheel bay, EagleParts Gun cowl/Outboard fairings/Spinner & prop blades, Eduard exterior set/ landing flaps/ Interior/ Placards/ Masks, Quickboost Revi gunsight/ Exhausts, Master Mk.108 barrels & tubes.

Still need to get some HGW seatbelts. A massive project for me this one.


Sorry to go off topic RBrown

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Brian , come on stop posting pics of real aircraft and trying to pass them off as models, I mean really are we supposed to be foolled , those pics are of a kit . I mean really ..


Seriously , beautiful work 


that list also had some interesting stuff , like the re-appearance of the Harrier GR1.. that's the first time that kit has re-appeared n years , and assuming KH haven't announced a 1st Gen Harrier series in the interim, really the only option for those of us lusting the last of the British fighters ..


As for the half price 110 , Temptation, thy name is Revell!



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