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  1. Jerry Crandall

    Revell Fw 190 A-8 Rammjäger inbound

    Really nice job. Looks great! Cheers, Jerry
  2. Jerry Crandall

    FW 190D-11 & D-13 Hasegawa & Real Model

    No, I did not paint "Yellow 10". Doug Champlin asked me to help with photos and color chips and samples as I have parts from "Yellow 10" from the late 1960s before any restoration was done. He also asked that I be there when it was painted. When I arrived the crew was anxious to paint it and went ahead and painted it. They did not use a decal sheet for reference but the originals photos from our collection and my books. The colors are correct but the paint is too thick and too heavily applied. The original was softer and more thinly applied. The D-13 has the cockpit modified to accommodate the MG 151 cannon, so the rudder pedals are farther apart and a couple of panels are different. There are no outer wing gun holes that were faired over like the D-9. Also remember It's an R 11. Cheers, Jerry
  3. Jerry Crandall

    Quality of Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair 1/32 Decals

    At the time Capt. Blackburn had two victory flags on Big Hog the name was only on the port fin. Later he said he asked for the name Big Hog to be added to the starboard side. That is why we included both on Eagle Cals 161. Cheers, Jerry
  4. Jerry Crandall

    a debate about the Fw 190A-4

    You could wait for the new ZM kit. Cheers, Jerry
  5. Jerry Crandall

    PCM 1/32 Fw 190A-4

    Rudorffer's A-4 "Yellow 1" is an example of an A-4 with louvered doors. The cover photo on Mombeeck's book, History of JG 2 vol. 4, is a great shot of a JG 2 A-4 with louvered doors. Cheers. Jerry
  6. Jerry Crandall

    1:32 Revell Bf 109G-6 JG3 Comet

    There is a photo of this G-6 on page 336 of Prien's book on III./JG 3 that shows the complete a/c but it is at a distance. It does not appear to have a unit emblem or yellow under cowling. Great build! Cheers, Jerry
  7. Jerry Crandall

    1:32 Hasegawa Fw 190d-9

    Hi Peter, Sorry for missing that. Great job! Cheers, Jerry
  8. Jerry Crandall

    1:32 Hasegawa Fw 190d-9

    Hello Peter, Beautiful build and finish, however, "White 7" had a yellow under cowling as did most Fieseler built Dora9s. It can be seen in a couple of photos. Cheers, Jerry
  9. Jerry Crandall

    Revell Fw 190F-8

    Great job so far. Don't forget to fill in the two spurious oval panels on the port side of the forward fuselage. Check the Hasegawa kit which is correct. Cheers, Jerry
  10. Jerry Crandall

    Eagle Cal #155-32 G-10 ERLAs of JG300?

    Hello Kais, I'm glad you found your answer. Jean-Claude is a good source. The small wheel bulges are pointed out in the top view of the wing on our decal sheet no. 155. Cheers, Jerry
  11. Beautiful!! Thanks for using our products. Cheer, Jerry
  12. Jerry Crandall

    FW 190D-9 "13" JV44 "Galland Circus"

    Beautiful finish, thanks for using our decals! Cheers, Jerry
  13. Jerry Crandall

    Hasegawa 1/32 Fw 190D-9 "Black 1"

    The best! Thanks for using our stuff. Cheers, Jerry
  14. Jerry Crandall

    Photo of this Bf109K-4??

    Martin, It would be an honor to meet you in person. Someday maybe we can get together. We would have a lot to discuss. All the best. Cheers, Jerry
  15. Jerry Crandall

    Photo of this Bf109K-4??

    Martin, Sorry, you are wrong. The story is true, despite your doubts. How do you know there are no witnesses? A directive was issued that no photos would be taken of a/c for security reasons that's one reason there are very few photos of Ta 152s and late war Doras. They had other things to do than take photos to prove something that was of little consequence to them. If you doubt the words of these men why didn't you go to Germany or at least pick up a phone and tell them they were liars? I think Cescotti's son is still alive so you could call him, I'm sure he is aware of the story. You are welcome to come to our place in Montana and we could meet face to face to discuss this and I could show you our evidence. By the way, I was not looking for a "Red Baron", we went to interview these men to get the information about JG 301as no other researcher had met with them. With us on one of our visits we had a retired Bundes Luftwaffe pilot Major who was very interested in talking with these men. Cheers, Jerry