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  1. These photos are of a Fieseler built D-9 in the W.Nr. range of 600 or 601 range that was i n the Stab of JG 2. Cheers, Jerry
  2. Moritz's A-8/R2 doesn't have the JG 3 unit emblem on the cowling. By enlarging the original photo it shows there is a small scrape not an emblem. Cheers, Jerry
  3. The photos are of Baisch's standard A-8 with sturm equipment "Yellow 3". It is not a Fw 190 A-8/R2 and it is equipped with the 21 cm Krebsgerät rocket. May , 1944 at Barth, Germany. Cheers, Jerry
  4. The problem with this profile is the tactical number s not known. The loss record on this A-8/R2 W.Nr. 680718 was lost on 18 July, 1944 flown by Fw. Otfried Baisch. One of his previous Fws was a standard 190A-8 with Sturm equipment that was mounted with the Krebsgerät rocket with the the tactical number of "Yellow 3". There are two known photos of this a/c taken at Barth ,Germany in May, 1944. Cheeers, Jerry
  5. Hi William, great cockpit. That's going to be a colorful 109 model. Do you know if there are photos of this G-2? Thanks. Cheers, Jerry
  6. Amazing! Willi would be proud. Thanks for using our decals. Cheers, Jerry
  7. Beautiful build, thanks for using our decals. A couple unusual things about this a/c are, one is the early canopy with the late blown canopy headrest. The other is the red/yellow bands for JG 301 are reversed indicating this a/c came another unit that had a yellow band and JG 301 simply added the red band in front. Cheers, Jerry
  8. Galland's 262 was White double chevron. The photos and story written by his crew chief is in my Dora book vol. 2 Cheers, Jerry
  9. Beautiful job and thanks for using our decals. Cheers, Jerry
  10. Because of the glare this is not a good photo for value reference. In other photos, besides the number, the II./ Gruppe bar is seen without a white outline . The only white outline on black markings in JG 6 is on the Stab aircraft which is typical. Cheers, Jerry
  11. Keep in mind II./JG 6 blue numbers were outlined with white and black numbers were not. Cheers, Jerry
  12. Hello John. Please let me know what decal you are asking about. Thanks. Cheers, Jerry
  13. Of course it is your choice and you have to decide what pleases you. We are good friends with Japo and share material from time to time. Here is my argument for my color choices. I first saw "Yellow 10"in 1965 when there was some original color along with stenciling and markings still visible as the thin coat of the gray the U.S. had applied after the war had weathered away. As a modeler studying German colors even at that time ,along with a couple of modelling buddies, we wrote down and photographed what we saw. Through the years and with the different owners I was able to find areas that had color in crevices and places that were protected. I was given some parts that have still have samples of original paint. So the bottom line is Japo, Eduard or whomever never saw "Yellow 10" before it was restored ,they are all guessing at the colors. Since the top camouflage colors were applied in the field it is almost impossible to correctly guess at the true colors. Cheers Jerry
  14. The gear doors on "Yellow 10" were RLM 75 that did was softly sprayed and did not cover the complete door. RLM is too dark when compared to the darker areas of the original camo. See my photos. Cheers, Jerry
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