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Question Re: Trumpeter Mustang Mk III

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Currently working on this kit, and it includes both canopies. For what it's worth, the Aires resin cockpit fits great (unlike other Aires offerings), but I haven't attempted to fit the resin wheel bay yet. I think this kit gets a bad rap, but we'll see how it pans out. So far, so good, though! What are you doing for markings?

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Thanks Avenger. I want to do an early Mustang in the markings of Ding Hao! or Shangri-La. I have the Zotz decal sheet. I am not confident we'll see the HK Models P-51B/C, so Trumpeter is the only modern game in town in plastic.




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Hi Brad!


Yes, the Aires Cockpit and wheelbay WILL foul each other!


You have to sand the wheelbay roof paper thin and eventually cut about 5mm from the front of the cockpit floor  (and sand the floor very thin too), to get it all in place, but It can be done!


You´ll get a Malcom Hood (sort of....) in the "Ding-Hao" kit too, that´s the one I built.


I also used; Eduard seatbelts and Instrumentpanel, Master brass barrels, Mastercasters Wheels, Quickboost Landing gear doors, propeller blades  and exhausts, a spinner from the Dragon kit and decals from Kits-world, Dragon and the spares box (Stars´n´Bars).


But I got my Shangri-La!












Good Luck!











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6 hours ago, coogrfan said:





No amount of modeling skill is going to change the fact that Trumpy saw fit to release a P-51 with  non-laminar flow wings. 

There's a LOT more wrong with that kit than just the wing's airfoil. All of the shapes are off from the fuselage cross section all the way through to the outlines of fuselage, wings and tail. Pretty much everything is off in one way or another. 


11 hours ago, Avenger2614 said:

I think this kit gets a bad rap...

The "bad rap" is well deserved, not some kind of hallucination. 


That shouldn't stop anyone from building it if they find the kit acceptable. Just don't pretend that those who think it looks like a cartoon are imagining things. 



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Yeah...the Trumpeter Malcolm hood has flat sides which don't bulge out like they should. The Lone Star replacement is beautiful, and comes with the rails and the chain-drive for the canopy sills. It also comes on a resin form which makes the cutting much easier. I just don't know if he still has it available. 



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1 hour ago, MikeMaben said:


You can change anything on a plastic model.


It's plastic.




You could convert a P-51 into a 737 if you really wanted to, but what would be the point?  Some kits are really, really bad scale replicas of what they’re intended to represent. 

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