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  1. Hi Bob Thanks, I am just getting started on my search for info on the subject. But I will be thankful for any information from your library
  2. Thanks found this picture as well. the Ju88 looks like a A-1looking at the engines, maby an A-5 ;o) Looking for reference photos right now to plan my build, would like to build a Ju88 A-5 with the barrage balloon cutter, if it exited.
  3. I am looking for pictures of a Ju88 A-5 with the barrage balloon cutter (A-6 I think?) did it exsist? Did anyone build the conversion from Profimodeller?
  4. Hi Lain Thanks for your answer, will be starting on mine in a week or two, so it was nice to know if the 300 g was sufficient, but we will see ;o) Do you know where can I finde drawings for the missing rivets? Tryed on the internet, but don't seem to be able to find any line drawings for the rivets.
  5. Anybody know how much weight to ad to the nose, to avoid it to be sitting on its tail?
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