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First submission for 2018! Wingnut wings Sopwith Camel F.1

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Hey everyone!

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and a festive new year.

Last year was pretty productive for me with the amount of kits i have built, all of which were World War One aircraft. I feel i have finally found my preferred 'niche' in which i am comfortable, and feel confident enough to push my skills and try new techniques. This kit wasn't very far from that statement!

The kit is Wingnut Wings's little jewel of a Camel. I finished her in FE Kindley's mount of 'A' flight 148th aero squadron of the USAS as it was in August 2018. I had built a string of German aircraft lately and felt like building a British produced aircraft to sit next to my AMC DH2. At first i was worried with all the PC12 solid color but with different painting techniques and weathering i found out the breaking up the dark tint of the color gave quite some life to the aircraft.

The interior woodwork was done with the RB wood templates and oil filters, i also used gaspatch turnbuckles for the cockpit rigging along with ezline. HGW harnesses dressed up the seat and were weathered with a couple of filters and satin coated. floorboard planks are Uschi woodgrain decals. Control lines were rigged with ezline.

The outside woodwork was replicated using HGW wood decals postshaded with MRP clear brown and heavily oil filtered and washed. The tail is quite fragile so i used the RB photoetch flat rigging for the structural rigging then painted with mr metal color iron. Talking about the PE flat wire rigging, initially the plan was to rig the whole kit with those but then i dropped the idea as i found the bother vs result equation not to be in the PE's favor. Those things are incredibly fiddly and with the wingflex some wires go taught when you carry the kit or rest it in the jig to spot glue the PE, then they bow once the kit's weight is on wheels. I ended up using those for the rigging of the landing gear and tail only, and used the flat EZline for the rest of the build. For the paints i used this time around MRP lacquers exclusively on the outside of the kit and to be honest they have become my go to paints as they lay down beautifully and are very resistant.

The wings got a coat of the main color then the ribs masked and shaded with different colors, then another mottled base coat to tie everything in. The engine builds up into a little jewel and was painted with MRP metallics, which remind me very much of alclad when it comes to flow and consistency. extremely happy with those. The only addition on the engine was the ignition wires. Weathering on the engine was done with oils and washes.

Now talking about trying new techniques, i went back and dug from my armor party hat some tricks that i used on the weathering of this kit. I did alot of paint fading and paint modulation with oils, alot of filters on different sections, and i did oil dot redering and fading on the flying surfaces, fuselage and cowling to force shadows and lights and give more volume. I also went back and played around with pigments for the bottom of the fuselage and for the gear. Pigment fixer by Abteilung was used. The rear struts of the undercarriage was modified with aizu tape to simulate the reinforcement wrapping found on those, and left the front ones as is. All markings were painted on from homemade masks on the silhouette plotter.

Just some little observations to swap notes with anyone who's built this kit, the kit itself has no innate flaws, although i did find this kit to be the first 'quirky' kit i have built from wnw. The instructions as usual are the lovely booklet, but you have to be quite careful as each option of finishes has different part numbering options. I also found this kit from Wingnut Wings to have some sprue gates in strange part locations, some that will require more cleanup work had they been placed somewhere else. Also i did notice some ejector pin marks on the 'visible' faces of parts when the reverse of those same parts, which are never to be seen, crisp and devoid of those. No complaining though as those issues are quickly taken care of. Part fit is excellent as long as you scrape the paint off the mating parts. The only little niggle i have about the kit itself are the little molded eyelets that are in the cabane struts and the outer struts as they are too fragile to handle the strain of structural rigging. 


As we are all modelers here, we have all gone through a phase of 'burnout' where the builds become sort of repetitive and monotonous. I feel i am just about to dip into that phase, so my next build will be from a different era to keep the juices flowing and the momentum going! Oh yes, and its going to be a work in progress too so look out for it in the Iron Rain GB starting tomorrow!


Well enough blabbing away, this post is going to be picture heavy!

Let me know your thoughts on the weathering everyone!


As always stay safe and happy modeling in 2018!

Your friend Karim


Some photos of the work in progress:




















Below the photos of the finished build!

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Superb work as always, Karim! I'm sad we didn't see a build thread on this magnificent model, but that can contribute to burn-out too, so I'm just glad we got to see the end result.



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Superb work as always, Karim! I'm sad we didn't see a build thread on this magnificent model, but that can contribute to burn-out too, so I'm just glad we got to see the end result.





Kev thanks for your kind words my friend, i am glad you like her!

I don't know why but i have felt pretty burnt out on that specific build although there is no faulting the kit on that. I built an eggplane in the middle of the Camel build when i hit a dip and it sort of kicked off the juices again, so i am thinking a non ww2 build in Iron Rain will probably get me back on track!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks again for the kind comment!


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Posted (edited)

What, done in a week ?? Fantastic ! Have one in the stash and when I'm ready, I'll pull it out. Until then, I'll just drool over yours my friend !.....Harv :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :punk:

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Guest Peterpools
Posted (edited)

Karim My Friend

Exquisite doesn't come close; not even a country mile. First an foremost I'm a front office guy and the office you created is brilliantly done - the weathering - just wonderful

Simply a beautiful build and oh what a build thread it would have been.

:clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:


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That is a lovely Camel.. I especially love the care you put into the cockpit and the plywood sections are so rich.  Wish I could work that quickly and with the quality you put into it.  Bravo,



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