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Jackie Cochran's P-51C "Thunderbird" Air Racer

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Well folks, here I am again looking down the barrel of another fantastic group build, wondering if I will get to finally complete something. With family coming over for the holidays from "over the pond", and being in the midst of a potential job change, I have a lot on my plate right now. Chances are, I probably will not be able to start my build until after the upcoming holidays. Bummer to be sure.

Anyway, here is my plan; I am going to use a box-shot of a Trumpeter 1/32 P-51B Mustang which I acquired with no decals and instructions. The kit is complete and unstarted. I will also be using Draw Decals' sheet for Jackie Cochran's P-51C #90 "Thunderbird", which, as I am sure you probably guessed, is BLUE. The airframe has a pretty cool history, not the least of which is that it never apparently has an airframe serial number from North American. It was built from the parts of three airframes, and had a serial number assigned by the CAA. The airframe was lightened in many respects, and the finish was quite smooth. I will describe the relevant mods as I build it.

I will have to add a seat harness, replace the kit's rubber tires with a resin set, replace the propeller, scratchbuild the antennae, fill most of the panel lines, sand the beast smooth, and give it a super slick finish. I am looking forward to this one, and I hope I can do it justice.

I will post some progress pics and more background of the aircraft a bit later in the week. This is more just an attempt to throw my hat in the ring.

Thanks for stopping by- I appreciate it.


THOR    :ninja:

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Apparently, the plane was owned by Jimmy Stewart and Joe De Bona (that's him next to Stewart on the right), who flew it in the 48 and 49 Bendix races. It was Jimmy who sold it to miss Cochran for "1.00 and other considerations". She eventually sold it back to him a few years later for the same price, after setting many speed records in it. 


I love this forum because it sparks my curiosity and motivates me to learn new things.



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Aw Hell! NOW I wanna build a blue P-51????


Like 'Thor', my plan for this group build has become bogged down in domestic turmoil AND a change of employment (which looks like it will happen in the New Year, right around my birthday).


Gotta love the connection with James Stewart - one of my favourite actors. I've acquired DVDs of 'The Glenn Miller Story' and 'It's A Wonderful Life' and am still looking for 'Harvey' - his slow but heart felt humour always impresses :-)


Kev - hoping to get started on the Lynx real soon! But will certainly be keeping one eye on this entry (my track record for GBs is 2 and oh - this time I MUST complete the task!) 

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