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AMT B-Wing

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My wife found an AMT X-Wing kit at a second-hand shop a few years ago, and when she looked inside it, there was a complete B-Wing kit hiding in there too - box and all! Unfortunately, it had already been started - badly - and I wasn't able to fully rectify this, so I just put it together as a fun little side project. Here it is!





I'm quite pleased with the way this little rebel scum turned out:




I'm not sure what scale this kit is, but the size of the pilot appears to be around 1/72. I just slapped on the paint and some weathering, and called it done. I spent the most time fairing in the clear part, which is a terrible fit. Other than that, it was a lot of fun!


The X-Wing is also on the bench, and ready for painting and weathering.



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Looks great considering what you started with.


Hopefully Bandai end up making one. It would be great to have a modern kit of a B-wing.



Nice. It's a good thing that Empire tripped can't shoot. I imagine they didn't enjoy being bounced from the port side.

The cockpit is supposed to rotate so that it stays oriented vertically and the rest of the ship moves around it. According to the technical manuals, it was just too complicated and would break down all the time leaving the pilot stuck in awkward positions.



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