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F4U-1A Corsair RNZAF- Finished and off the bench


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Ok, so I just finished my entry in the last GB and I'm back with this build. The first thing to do was to tidy up the workbench. Shaka, if you're reading this avert your eyes! :P


Yup, a clean bench. So much space to clutter up, er, work in.

Now onto my starting point:


I'll be using the Montex masks for the larger markings and the Xtradecals for the smaller ones. I'm planning to build 307 in the 3 tone front, GSB rear combo.


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I've started with the engine. I assembled the two cylinder banks along with the pushrods.




I then prepped all the engine parts that are semigloss black and painted those.




I then painted the cylinder banks silver.




I haven't decided if I'll try wiring the engine yet. I've only tried that once and I'm still up in the air as to whether it was worth it or not. Here's a pic of my first try:




Guess I'll have to decide soon.


That's it for now.





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I have this in my stash as well. When i'm all grown up, I will attempt it. :coolio: BUT, 1st I completely forgot that I committed to a GB that is due in May 2018, so have to get cracking at that.

I hear you on getting the other GB projects out of the way first. I still have my F-4E to finish and will work on that one in the next couple of days. Hopefully I'll make the deadline for that GB.

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Ok, I've started drilling the holes required for wiring the engine. There's a total of 76 needed so it might be a bit.


In the meantime, I started painting parts of the inner fuselage interior green.




I've done a bit of post shading using a lightened version of the base coat.



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I did some more work on the engine. I finished painting the main components.




I have now started wiring the ignition harness. I'm using 0.25mm wire from T2M in copper.




Hopefully I'll it finished later today and can attach it to the engine proper.



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