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Trumpeter MIG-15 Red Falcons....but a Blue Red Falcon- Done 3/1/18

Shawn M

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I wanted to get the Gun tray fitted to one half of the fuse to make the build go a bit smoother.


Needed a little persuasion




Then onto the intake splitter, wrapped the reshaped "vanes" with some strip stock to improve fit




then onto the intake lip, these tabs that protrude are visible in the opening and need to go








filled some ejector pin marks and primed the interior




I felt I needed to close off the top of the gun tray to prevent any light getting through the shell ejection ports I opened earlier.


Cut to shape and prime in black





Fit and glue, this will also hid more of the visible crap inside the intake




Not willing to create intake trunking, and needed a "firewall" for the cockpit tub I made a bulkhead.




It all fits perfectly and time to prime and start painting the intake stuff.


I need to build out the IP then fit the tub, pilot/seat and stick together.


Almost time to seal up the fuse!

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Mark that does look very nice, thanks for the link!


I've got the squadron VAC replacement for mine, having never used a vac canopy before I felt this would be good experience.


That said, if I mess it up I will be getting the HAD one :)

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Vac canopies are not difficult to use, but time must be taken to test fit and not remove to much material. It just takes more time than an injected one. I use little scissors to cut excess material a bit at a time. At that point the vac part becomes very flexible so be careful when handling. Sandwich sandpaper between kit and canopy to achieve a good fit.

Good luck!

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