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Welcome to the Colour My World Blue Group Build! The theme is of course blue. The standard rules for Group Build eligibility apply: the model must fit our standing definition of an LSP, and be not more than 25% complete at the time of joining the GB.


Runs from 1 December 2017 to 31 May 2018.


The theme itself requires that the livery or finish of the subject being modelled either comprise a majority of blue, or feature blue in some other prominent or significant way. There's a good discussion of the options and parameters in LSP Discussion:




If you're not certain that the subject you're contemplating is eligible, post it here for discussion and adjudication.


Let the games begin!



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I'm, Thinking about to inscreve the F104S Starfighter in this GB, and decided that this would be a complicated work to do now, because the Hasegawa kit it will request a lot of work to be acceptable.

So, because this, I will be entering with the Trumpeter F4U-4, in the soccer war profile, if it be accepted:



Cheers, Paulo.

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I keep looking at the Hobby Boss Spitfire Mk V, I wanted to turn it into a Malta spit, have the book and got some parts out of the Hasegawa kit to fix the main problems with the kit. I've also got Brian Couchi's book.

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