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Was thinking of a Canadian Sabre once I finish my Mustang. Do either of the following have enough blue?


I'm thinking maybe the camouflaged 434 Squadron Sabre with the blue tailfin band may not be enough? I understand blue undersides don't qualify.






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I think the Sabre in the first photo qualifies (CGI?).



Thanks Kev. Yes, it's a flight simulator skin but the markings are based on photos. ( although the serial and a few other things are not correct ). I would have to back-date the kit to a Sabre 2 which would mean the V-shaped windscreen and narrow wings. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to think about that. I was also thinking about the Roden Siemens Schuckert D.III in a blue scheme. I'll decide shortly. 

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Yeh that's good to go Whaky. I have the same book and was toying with doing this aircraft as well lol :)

I saw your post about Malta's spits and have one on the bench as we speak for another GB on another forum, plus 4 more awaiting. Seemed a shame not to find a 'blue' one for this GB!


Do the same, I've got Hobbyboss, Revell and Hasegawa kits to convert/use.

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Are you going to have one thread for the finished builds.. it would be easier to see"color MY world blue" finished models in one thread.


At the moment you can't tell which is ready for inspection or not..


Just thinking out loud.


Thank you. Keep up the good job.




Maru, the gallery for this GB is here:





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Thanks all for participating in this GB. I think it went pretty well and dare I say there may be another colour orientated GB in the future. As always, if you'd like your in progress thread moved, please contact one of the LSP_ guys and they can arrange that.

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