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Mirage IIIE - Italeri 1:32

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Just to prove I have been working on something aeroplane shaped here's where I'm at on a Mirage IIIE I'm doing for one of the mags - will be a Martel armed, big tank carrying French Air Force airframe - EC 2/3 "Champagne", Nancy 1988 (as shown on box art).


Will be straight kit...







Happy New Modelling Year everyone!



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All primered and flatted back with a 3200 grit Micromesh pad - a few tweaks then ready for paint at last:






Tanks and Martel Missile ready for paint too - wouldn't it be nice to have a Bucc to hang some Martels off?  ;)






Off to the paint shop - have fun!



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Thanks guys - really appreciated...


Colours by eye Haggis - if I mentioned the 'off-the-shelf' colours I've used it would raise a few eyebrows!  ;)


Just off to the bench to finish all the stencelling.


After this and the 'C' I built last year I am getting a bit 'Miraged out' with this kit, it has to be said.



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