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1/32nd Grumman S-2 Tracker 'Firecat' - 09/04/20

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I have been after something big (32nd scale) to get into, I lost interest in the Hudson when I cut to much out, the scratch built Savage has progressed and I just keep looking at it, and I don't own too much 1/32nd stuff so the Tracker is top of the list. 
As you can see I've already cut it out and added a keel, I have no need to add any bulkheads within that section as John "Tigger" uses nice thick plastic, so it's quite rigid now. I will of course add bulkheads for the cockpit and rear of the keel..
Not sure on scheme, I'm just going to concentrate on getting the main areas built for now. I'm very lucky to be able to take my models into work until further notice, so at the moment I'm progressing very nicely on a Combat Models Martin Mars, and now this. This is todays work and it's some size! It's next to a Kinetic 48th kit that I'm going to use for reference.
Apologies for the poor photos, I'm up at 5am and not got time to get all my stuff out...





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Nice stuff Radleigh!   I am still scared to start my CM Tigercat Unlimited Reno project, cause the vac pull on mine looks like they threw sand on the master before they pulled the vac.


Looking forward to some progress!



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Radleigh, any progress with the tracker?

Also have the kit laying around, and like the others would be very interested in what you've done with it so far?




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Sorry chaps, not done much apart from cut the bulkheads out, floor, cockpit section etc but at the moment no idea where they are lol. Probably in a model box somewhere.


I do and really want to get it going though..

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