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Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-6 / SNJ-5 Marines Warbird

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Hi guys,

back in the hobby after 5 years.

This is my 3rd completed model in past 5 months.

Its not perfect, still have some problems with clean build and need to develop my skills, but im trying hard :)


Made OOB, just added some wiring in cockpit and reallocated landing gear

It went together really well, decals were challenge a little bit (but in my case all decals are challenging still :))

It was planned as relaxing build along with my A-7E build and definitely it fulfilled my expectations.


Used Tamiya and GSI acrylics, and Valejo for details, plus Alclads, weathering done with AMMO`s stuff.

My plan was to use just some gentle panel wash for the finish, as the orginal looks clean almost on every photo I saw

but at the end its overdone little bit in my opinion, but I like it that way as well :)


thanks for looking








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Guest Smitty44

I am a sucker for anything Marine Corps! Very nice bird!

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Thanks guys for all you kind words

really apreciate


Wow, that is LOVELY!  I have this kit in the stash...............how far out did you move the MLG?

I just move them 3mm to the outside and drilled new holes, it just looks more correct in my eyes.


That is gorgeous, Jan! And as good as any build of that kit I've seen. Well done. May I publish it on the website?



Yes, pls Kevin

thanks a lot

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