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Another Moskito...........HpH Focke Wulf Ta-154 V3......FINISHED.


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After looking through the instructions its pretty clear that you need to be thinking several steps ahead to avoid any nasty little surprises so with that in mind I've cleaned up the fuselage halves this morning so I can start test fitting the main cockpit tub structure prior to any glue or paint going any where near, Very impressed with the castings which cleaned up nice and easily...........








As you can see alignment is very very good indeed.


Regards. Andy

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Started work on the cockpit this morning, first up the navigator's side walls........




You need to take care with the fit of the uprights on each panel, the instructions tell you to shorten one only at the bottom when actually you need to do both and by differing amounts as you can see......get it wrong and nothing will fit.


Also I removed the very thick base of the instrument cluster on the starboard side wall and replaced with plastic card followed by wiring to the rear of the gauges........




Then started work on the pilots side walls..........




So far so good, just need to remember to think a couple of steps ahead.


Regards. Andy

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Pretty well have all of the cockpit sub assemblies built up now, last off is the rear bulkhead which a poorly cast plate needs adding but after looking at b/w picture's of this area I decided to rework this area a little..........




With this area completed I test fitted some of the key sub assemblies in to the fuselage halves..........






Very happy with progress so far and all coming together nicely.


Happy Easter all.


Regards. Andy

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Finally have this one back on the bench and decided to make a start on the wings, HpH supply each wing as two part hollow mouldings to cut down on weight I guess, prior to gluing each half together you have to fit the resin wing spares which should hopefully stop and warping of these assemblies down the line.........




a quick test fit together with the fuselage half shows lots of thinning of the inner wings and probably some from the mounting point to get everything to fit nicely........




Not planning on any glue til I get a better fit on this joint !!


Also have all the cockpit parts ready for the paint shop now...........




Regards. Andy

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After some careful trimming I decided to throw caution to the wind and glue the starboard wing together, pretty happy with the fit to the fuselage now, all looks a bit rough at the moment but early days and so far so good........




The port wing require's a PE insert adding for the landing lights, now......HpH supply a couple of flat panels to go behind the cut outs and have you paint them silver but I can definatley improve this area and add a couple of clear lenses in there after I have painted the area with RLM 02.......




Also decided to make a start on what looks like the most tricky part f this build which are the HUGE engine nacelles/ landing gear.........




. The landing gear have been very cleverly cast with brass inserts added for strength but this does require some careful cleaning up of parts............








Hats off to HpH with some very very nicely thought out casting work, this is my first full resin aircraft build and its pretty clear you need to be thinking well ahead to avoid any nasty little pit falls as there are plenty so far along the way if not  careful !!

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Thanks Kev, really enjoying this build so far and really nice to get it back on the bench after various things......life in particular got in the way......not in any hurry to finish it otherwise I know I wont get the best out of it. But saying that I'm fully into it now and back on track!!


Regards. Andy

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Coming along nicely!


Q:  Did you scratch build the oxygen hoses or did they come with the kit?  They look very nice.


Thanks amurray and yes the oxygen hoses are a scratch built addition.


Regards. Andy

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