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Italeri Mirage IIICZ

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Another one that's been ongoing in the background - again for a magazine, so won't go into any detail here...


Behind Eric on his superb build (but making copious notes  ;) ) - heading for the spray shop this week.


Oh - and this one is as kit so far - so incorrect instrument layout (not that it really shouts out).


But yet another one keeping me busy!  :)






Blue skies!



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Good start Iain.


Glad to see that my build is of use.


I know it is for a magazine and all, but please leave off the nose gear lights and fill the hole!


I am sure that a simple note in the text of the article explaining the reason will not upset anyone.



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Cheers Alan - yes - not a SAAF subject for years - then all of a sudden they're all over the place!


It's a lovely scheme IMHO.


First round of decals baking off in the airing cupboard - then stencils tonight. The Italeri decals are good - but have taken a really good soak in Micro Sol to get them to behave!


The MAVDecals national markings have settled down beautifully...


Right - off to paint a '163  :)



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