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Annual WNW Christmas kit speculation

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OK, since no one else has obliged themselves of this task, I thought I'd kick it off. This is purely speculation and/or wishing on my part, so please bear that in mind. We already know about the impending Camel series, so as far as I'm concerned, those are off the table for this list.


What I think is a possibility:


Fokker D.VI

Fokker D.VIII

Sopwith Strutter



What I’d really like to see:


Fokker Dr.I

Fokker D.III

Nieuport 16

Nieuport 17





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Past holiday season releases have tended to be surprising (and large.)  I'm looking for:


Blackburn Kangaroo

DeHavilland DH-10


B.E. take your pick



Junkers D.I

DeHavilland DH-5

Sopwith Dolphin


My two pence.

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A few expect me to expound, so I will. Right, Mr OldTroll?   :rofl:


1. DH-4

2. Taube

3. Strutter


Any one of these three will be acceptable in my eye and allow me to sleep at night.


Consolation prise will be a Be.2c or e


Duelist: Dr.1 vs Camel.  It's a natch!

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