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AB-205 from Revell UH1-D


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Hi Guys,

I had some time over the long weekend to put on my first coats of paint.  I'll touch up the pattern now to more closely follow my photo references. You can also see in the photo that I added a large antenna to the roof and rebuilt the framing around the front cockpit windows. The Israelis also attached a large step onto the skid under the main cabin sliding door.  I scratched those up as well.  Base plates for the fuselage antenna rods (there are nine of these along the tail section) were placed before painting. Hinges for doors and the starboard side fuselage (tail-boom) hatch. Here's the result:


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Out of the "paint shop" !!  All the markings on and tail rotor details finished. Just adding a couple tiny details and then to a flat coat.  Final stage will be weathering (this is a "battlefield taxi" so necessarily it gets dirty like hell...) and the windows. Thankfully these can be placed from the outside after all the painting is finished .  Next post will be completed model.




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One of the coolest builds I've seen in a while!





+1!   That really looks great!  I like all the little detail additions you added as well.    Out of curiosity, what are the tubes sticking out of the cabin on the port side, flare tubes?

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