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AB-205 from Revell UH1-D


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Wow, I can finally join a group build !!  I started this one early Oct. 2015.  Revell 1/32 UH1-D.  Hopefully will look like a helicopter when I'm done....Kit sucks BTW !




Here's what I've got so far....






Stay tuned for more hair pulling fun.....Did I already say this kit sucks?  It does, but my hopes are high for a good build...

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Hi Mark,

I'll be honest, I do like old dogs very much... Ancient Revell kits, (I mean the ones that released 40 years ago) are always a challenge for modelers with experience in scratch building.  The details are usually soft or entirely lacking, or misplaced or misrepresented.  Every area needing upgrade, without exception.  Generally, the shape is fairly accurate, so with patience and determination a good model can result.  On the other hand, Revell, over the years has treated modelers to large scale subjects, which no other manufacturer would touch (like the MiG-21PF).  For that I am truly grateful.  While these kits don't come anywhere near Hasegawa or Tamiya standard, they are reasonably priced and may be the only kit in 1/32 scale.  All that being said, When this puppy is finished, it's pedigree may not be apparent anymore. 

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I had some time this past weekend and scratched up this little rescue crane to be mounted on the roof of the starboard side cabin.  This electrically powered davit appears,  from what I can tell only on the Agusta built Hueys, the AB-205.  My Israeli helo had one of these, and now so will the model.  Apoxie 2 part putty, some brass etch extras that I had in spares stash, some styrene strip and a few hours.  The good thing about this epoxy is that it cures rock hard and can be sanded and polished like a stone.  Good thing because my initial shape was nothing like what you see here.











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