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AB-205 from Revell UH1-D


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Hi Guys,


I'm slowly dawdling along with this project but progressing slowly.  I decided to crew the cabin to liven it up, so I'm into figure building as well.  The seat framing was fun and I just need to add the webbing now.  I made Israeli style FN machinegun mounts and have crew members for both sides.  All the cabin needs to be complete before closing the fuselage halves.








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Here are the aerial gunner and pilots painted.  Working towards the big day to close the fuselage.  received my "Sky's Decals Israeli Helicopter decal sheet today today....Getting very excited, but still need to go slow and address every issue...and there are alot !!  :doh:




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I had some time to look over the rotor head/mast this weekend and (of course) the detailing was way too simplified to to leave it, as is.  So after hours of staring at diagrams and photos, I began to whack away with Dremel tool and hobby knife.  Pulled my collection of styrene strip and brass tubing out and gave it some details.  I'm not a rotary wing guy by any means, but like most scale model builds, you can learn alot while doing the research.  Anyway, here's the result....






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  • 2 weeks later...

I made a little progress and got the fuselage together without any problem.  One long seam to fill and almost ready for paint.  I also mounted the rotor gearbox to the vertical tail (not in this photo.  Everything is coming along nicely.  I'll update with more as I start to paint.  

Thanks for your kind words !!






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