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    Hello, I think I've evolved from the 7 years I met the models with a P-40 in 1/144 scale from there began my journey through this wonderful hobby going by the aircraft WWII 1/72, in the years 90's my preference to change the helicopters coming to have more than 200 models, and everything changes, I am currently migrating to the scale 1/32 and 1/35 always in the genre rotary wing.

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  1. Aluxe


    impeccable, beautiful, congratulations for its construction.
  2. Aluxe

    Mi-8 "High Gloss" Trumpeter 1:35

    Insanely daring and very well accomplished, congratulations
  3. Aluxe

    Mi-24 Trumpeter 1:35

    Great representation of the furious Polish, I see that they modify the machine gun... Please tell me what you did
  4. Aluxe

    MiG-21 UM "Hungarian Air Force"

    simply spectacular, well accomplished. Congratulations
  5. Aluxe

    1/35 Kolibiri v-21

    oh, it looks great, and much better in its diorama
  6. Oh... same problem, very interesting, try it surely I can
  7. Aluxe

    Mi-8MTV Trumpeter 1:35 Polish Navy

    I really liked your result, if it should be complicated to build this giant, but it's worth it. thanks for sharing..
  8. Aluxe

    Bell 206 B BG Air Force 01

    Wow, Well done, scratch, i like they scheme, congratulations!
  9. Aluxe

    MH-60S 1/35 ACADEMY

    great progress. keep track expect to see soon
  10. Aluxe

    Sea Lynx - Royal Danish Navy (Revell)

    I loved the results. especially white decals. I've had experiences myself in trouble trying to make different unpublished schemes that provides a source kit My last job was to draw the decals for BK117A3 of the Colombian Navy, all monochromatic declas in black have also drawn to print in color but I dare not make rubbings white! great view keep us informed, we appreciate
  11. Aluxe

    Sea Lynx - Royal Danish Navy (Revell)

    that dedication! I see many challenges overcame splendidly. rivets look properly installed, decals, I imagine they were made to measure, but what leaves me,, question was whether datas and anchor in white were made on screen or printed?
  12. Aluxe

    German Lynx 1/32 Revell

    VERY, VERY GOOD WORK, I imagine how fun it was dressing the Lynx with rivets. Congratulations, well done
  13. I love detail work of the pilots, additional equipment, we hope soon seus progress. if possible, you could put a picture of the front of the pilots? Thank you well done
  14. Aluxe

    1/35th AH-1W Super Cobra 'NTS' Upgrade

    I think when we build a model with History, and really enjoyed moments are grown appreciate we do, Doubly congratulations on your good model and the reason for its realization.
  15. Aluxe

    Zlin 526 scratch built

    wow, very good rapport and successful model.