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    Hello, I think I've evolved from the 7 years I met the models with a P-40 in 1/144 scale from there began my journey through this wonderful hobby going by the aircraft WWII 1/72, in the years 90's my preference to change the helicopters coming to have more than 200 models, and everything changes, I am currently migrating to the scale 1/32 and 1/35 always in the genre rotary wing.

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  1. Thanks guys; the really difficult part was balancing the weight, because of the rear frame, being metallic, it loaded too much on the tail, so under the rear seat I placed a metallic bar disguised as a tool box, then it was necessary to couple the cabin only in 4 tiny points to the structure. I let stand almost 3 days with a super glue, shoeing the cabin, and in the end it was achieved.
  2. Thanks for your comments Troy, Buster, Draval & everyone who has liked we continue with the project, We remove the stickers, from the phases that I like the most, it is magical
  3. Thanks Gregair, i hope to add value to this difficult model SOMETHING OF COLOR. the intention of the version appears
  4. modeling time, small advances, I decided to advance in the engine, it turns out that the model brings the Turbomeca Artouste engine version and the model I want needs a Turbomeca Astazou engine. they are quite different Artouste / Astazou we start with some adaptations and I don't love the nozzle, so I made one in aluminum
  5. wow, wow, a lot of work, excellent results, how long it took you to finish this beauty, very well done
  6. I love this model,
  7. Thanks guys we continue with the building, I used the Revell model skates, glue stabilizers and the tail rotor protector was made with wire. I also take advantage of the base of the main rotor post, applied some pieces of Eduard, such as antennas, hooks and footsteps advance parts of the cockpit interior
  8. Hi Guys a small breakthrough, I recovered from the original model the bases that support the rolls that lead the tail rotor direction cable, the rolls are styrene round, and now to start working in the crew cabin and if the weight was not enough for balance, I will apply weight inside, until I achieve it
  9. oh yes, Themo, I take advantage of putting some weight, I hope it is enough, so weak are the supports of the landing skate, Thanks for the tips, I hope to put them into practice. we put some more pieces of the Eduard set Now it is up to the transmission of the tail rotor, the idea is to recover the bearings and use styrene tube. In the end I preferred to use brass tube
  10. I use the fuel tank, sand to remove contours and with styrene sheets, I remake it I try to reproduce the details of the tank, I take advantage of installing Eduard photoeatch parts
  11. Richard indeed, so I imagined solving it, drilling holes and joining styrene and brass. and I'm also thinking that the tail will be really heavy, so I'll be thinking about avence, how to solve, This kit model brings me surprises as I go along. here with a small advance, the central frame, the measures play against me, next to the piece of the model, it does not look very good, I will adjust and change some brass tubes that seem short until next time
  12. @ thanks Spyro little progress, hidden from my wife who has occupied me, jjjjj, after joining the pieces, I realized that I will not be able to weld, because of the styrene pieces that I put, Oh man, I'm going to try a metal epoxy glue So far for today.
  13. @ oh yes Richard, I imagine that real aircraft assembly engineers enjoy the same or more than us building our kits @ Yes, thank you Out2gtcha, taking advantage of the vacation to top, I will try your advice next time, the tip sounds very good. some other parts to be welded, Today I spent the day cutting the new pieces of brass tube and other styrene, let the glue dry the parts with styrene, now I compare with the revell piece, how do you see?
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