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  1. Outstanding build! I always wanted to do this, or any other, Korean War version. Did Harold ever make the modified pieces available? Magic Mike
  2. I know what Santa will be bringing me! (hopefully, that is...) MM
  3. I did happen to see a Revell P-51 at our local HL last week. Dont remember the price though. I go there for paint and other items like that fairly regularly. MM
  4. I read on another site that the kill was made with an AIM-9X at less than a mile. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/299412-super-hornet-shoots-down-syrian-su-22/&page=2 About halfway down the page. MM
  5. freaking crazy. If God had meant for man to jump out of a perfectly good airplane he wouldn't have made landing gear! MM
  6. Stopped by the local hardware store yesterday to pick up something. Had my teenage son with me, who loves to wander around stores and just look at stuff.After walking around pretty much every aisle, I found a row with tons of items helpful to the hobby! Mainly tools, of course no kits, but some hobby paints and things like punches, dremel bits, contour gauges and the like. Even had the Testors value pack airbrushes and spray guns! I'm going to save a little bit up and pick up a few items, and keep this place in mind the next time I need some basic paint colors. I never thought to check this p
  7. Congrats! Looking forward to this release! Never really thought I would be getting to build an A-1E in our scale. MM
  8. Any word on when the A-1E will be available? MM
  9. Love that! I wish they could have worked the purple on the Lanc's spinners into the Hawk's scheme. MM
  10. Truth be told, I think the paper one looks more like wood than the wood one does. Great job! MM
  11. Well I browsed the entire 64 pages of this thread to see if I had already posted and didnt find anything so here goes. Here is me and the better half on any normal Saturday night.. . And me at work. This one is several years old, but is possibly the best picture I've ever taken, so I wont let them change it. I have to say, for a bunch of nerdy, middle aged white guys, we have all married pretty well. So take THAT all you girls in school that wouldn't have anything to do with us because we were nerdy! MM
  12. No fair using Ted Taylor's build as an example of how good the kit is. The kit could have sucked and he would have made it look good. He was the King. Met him at the US Nats one year. Really nice guy. MM
  13. Any word on the stub wings for the AH-1G? That is the only piece I am waiting for to get my project underway. MM
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