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  1. I would love to see the following kits produced in 1/32 scale sometime soon (preferably in my remaining lifetime): 1. Sukhoi-7 BMK 2. Sikorski H-34/ S-58 3. Aerospatiale gazelle SA342 4. Fouga Magister CM.170 5. MiG-17F (new tool of course) 6. MiG-23BN 7. Super Mystere SMB2 My wish list..................:-)
  2. Hi John, Oh yeah, I'm right there with you on the SU-17/22. Would absolutely love to build that one. Of course a SU-7 would also knock me right out ! But getting back to the MiG-23 or 27, I just think a natural progression for a new kit would be for Trump to do the 23BN in the BIG scale as they already have the Flogger B kitted. The duck nose ground attack floggers have alot of character and there are loads of countries that use this plane. By the way, thanks for your compliment on my MiG-17. Much as that kit is maligned, it can be turned into a decent model if you just keep thinking that it's alot better than a vacu-form ! Brings back memories of super=detailing the old Revell kits, which really got me going in scale modeling. So much to fix and upgrade, and cheap too. Just time investment. Well hoping to hear more rumors.... Thanks, ED http://edokunscalemodelingpage.blogspot.com/
  3. Guys, I'm dying to know. Will Trumpeter release either the MiG-27 or MiG-23BN in 1/32 scale? They just released a MiG-27 in 1/48 scale. With 3 versions of the MiG-23 in 1/32nd, I thought that maybe we might expect a 27 or 23BN to follow along. I could be wrong though...would not be the first time for that ! I heard a rumor though, but I want to hear that rumor again from more than one source before I get my hopes up. Thanks ED
  4. Thanks very much Guys for the kind words. So now I can say my Group build entry is officially completed. Windshield wipers were added and spotlight under the fuselage went on this past weekend. So again here she is....
  5. Finished except for the windshield wipers. I'm still working those out but may lay this one done until I can come up with something that looks to scale.
  6. Love the cockpit work. Super fine detailing on that instrument panel. Can hardly wait to see your progress. Hope it turns out well for you. ED
  7. Out of the "paint shop" !! All the markings on and tail rotor details finished. Just adding a couple tiny details and then to a flat coat. Final stage will be weathering (this is a "battlefield taxi" so necessarily it gets dirty like hell...) and the windows. Thankfully these can be placed from the outside after all the painting is finished . Next post will be completed model.
  8. Hi Guys, I had some time over the long weekend to put on my first coats of paint. I'll touch up the pattern now to more closely follow my photo references. You can also see in the photo that I added a large antenna to the roof and rebuilt the framing around the front cockpit windows. The Israelis also attached a large step onto the skid under the main cabin sliding door. I scratched those up as well. Base plates for the fuselage antenna rods (there are nine of these along the tail section) were placed before painting. Hinges for doors and the starboard side fuselage (tail-boom) hatch. Here's the result:
  9. I made a little progress and got the fuselage together without any problem. One long seam to fill and almost ready for paint. I also mounted the rotor gearbox to the vertical tail (not in this photo. Everything is coming along nicely. I'll update with more as I start to paint. Thanks for your kind words !! ED
  10. Hey Guys, Happy New Year to everyone ! I had some time this past weekend to finish up my LRRP squad (they're Israelis, so actually called "Sayeret") and now I can return to the task of building. Keep you all posted on the progress. ED
  11. I had some time to look over the rotor head/mast this weekend and (of course) the detailing was way too simplified to to leave it, as is. So after hours of staring at diagrams and photos, I began to whack away with Dremel tool and hobby knife. Pulled my collection of styrene strip and brass tubing out and gave it some details. I'm not a rotary wing guy by any means, but like most scale model builds, you can learn alot while doing the research. Anyway, here's the result....
  12. Very Nice ! I've done an M-113 lately and working on a UH-1D. I am familiar with the painful process of getting both kits up to speed. Haven't tried a big Cobra though. Maybe next year (just weeks away...LoL) Great sketch work you did for your diorama, by the way. I'll have to try that on one I have planned. It might look good displayed along with the model. Look forward to seeing your progress :-) Ed Okun
  13. Love it !! Can hardly wait to see how your project turns out :-) I might try my hand on one of these after you're done... By the way, I Iike that funky little song....can't seem to get it out of my head now, you ******* !! (insert expletive of your choice) Happy Holidays everybody !!
  14. Here are the aerial gunner and pilots painted. Working towards the big day to close the fuselage. received my "Sky's Decals Israeli Helicopter decal sheet today today....Getting very excited, but still need to go slow and address every issue...and there are alot !!
  15. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful..............Did I say I really like this?? Such great work, one of my favorite helicopters.. Ed
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