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Aussie A-4G Skyhawk FINISHED.


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After looking at a few photos of the Skyhawk pylons, I determined that there was an issue with the way Trumpeter have designed them. The outer pylons lack a small stiffener on the access panel. They did capture that detail on the inner pylons, so not sure what happened there. I added the detail with plastic card.




I discovered that the missing stiffener was not the biggest issue with the pylons.... Trumpeter have simply reversed each pylon for the design but should have used the same pattern for each pylon, as the way they have designed them is wrong. The stiffeners should face the starboard side of the aircraft regardless of which side the pylon is installed, that is, the same pylon exists on either the left or right side of the aircraft. Here are all four pylons.




Now I am the laziest modeller in the world and the idea of rescribing two of the pylons to reverse the panel lines, plus add the stiffeners was really something that I didn't want to do.


I simply boxed each of the corrected pylons up:




Chucked some moulding silicone over them




Some time later, I have exact copies of the corrected pylons in resin. Now all four pylons will have the stiffener on the starboard side, as Mcdonnell Douglas intended.



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By correcting the radius of the end of the fairing behind the cockpit, I was then able to proceed with another small modification with the same part.


Here is the a straight edge applied to the length of the fairing. It is pretty straight, when it should be ever so slightly curved.




I applied thick set super glue to build up the hump and then shaped the fairing until it resembled reference photos. A small change, but it is there.



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Here are all of the pylons that will hang under the model. The four corrected wing pylons that are now in resin, and the center pylon which holds a TER that was donated from another kit.




I am waiting for some Fisher 4 shot Zuni pods that will equip the outer pylons but for now, everything else seems to be fitting well.



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Hi Alan,


Dont mind at all mate. Have you glued your pylons in yet?


The plastic triangle is replacement plastic for when I lost part of the kit and knew that I had accidentally swept in the bin. I couldn't be bothered searching for it so I scratched up a new one.



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