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Aussie A-4G Skyhawk FINISHED.


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Thanks Eric! Yes, my pylons are already on :( oh well, live and learn eh!!!

Outstanding work! I'm also lookimg forward to your Mirage build!!!

Also, any issue mating the two fuselge halves up? That step is right around the corner for me!



Hi Alan, No issues at all mate.


I like to flick back and forth between builds, usually having a few at the same stage of construction as each other until one edges ahead. This is the one that is in the lead at the moment.


I primed the model using Tamiya fine surface primer and then went over it with a fine toothed comb to remove defects and tidy it up a bit.


Once I was happy with that stage, I then mixed a special batch of Gunze paint to allow for my interpretation of the two grey colours (they aren't available in Gunze sangyo straight from the bottle.) I am working off the excellent air to air photos that John Bartels took when he was flying Skyhawks in the RAN. There is many different ways that modellers have approached the lighter grey colour in the past, some favouring a slightly green tinge, some favouring a blue tinge. my Skyhawk is on the bluer side, but under the right light, a very faint trace of green can be seen. this photo gives you an idea of the colours that I am chasing. As can be seen, the aircraft were kept very well and show minimal weathering. As such, I decided not to do any form of pre-shading/black basing, contrary to popular methods these days.








I free handed the darker grey onto a tank and the horizontal stabilizers over the lighter grey to check the contrast and get a feel of how the colours worked together. I am reasonably happy with it at this stage.



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Thanks guys.


I free handed the rest of the dark grey cam as close as I could to the reference pics that I have of 882. I usually sketch the rough outline in with my Iwata HP-BH airbrush and then colour in the lines with my Iwata Neo TRN1 trigger airbrush.








I decanted some of my Tamiya pink fine surface primer in to the airbrush and sprayed the areas under the wing slats. The pink primer is excellent for red finishes and will cut down the amount of coats required to get a good solid red colour.




Starting to look good!



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Hi Adam,


It is fine enough to do most airbrush jobs apart from the stuff where you need to get really fine lines such as tight demarcation between cam colours such as this project.


It is my go to airbrush for most jobs as it is very versatile and I highly recommend it.



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Some more work.


I have received the Fisher 4 shot Zuni Pods, which are nice but will require quite a bit of work to get the rockets to fit into the pods. I test fitted them to the pods and thought I would do a full dress rehearsal to ensure that the loadout sits nicely on the model.






Here is the loadout and pylons, with only a bit of work now required to finish them.




You can see that I have now painted most of the extra colours on the model, such as the anti glare panel, nose cone and the tail pipe, with only the tricky red edges of the intakes to go.




A bit of post shading with Gunze H314 straight from the bottle to give the lighter grey cam colour some blue hints. 



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Great subject!... have this one on my list-to-do as well!

In the time it takes me to just think about how to go about making a model - you have already finished one!

You are a model - making - Machine!

Can't wait to see this one - with my own eyes!


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