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Aussie A-4G Skyhawk FINISHED.


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Some more undercarriage stuff.


The AMS resin wheels are really nice but the flat spots on each tire become a bit vague once the casting block is removed from them. Using my new drill press with a milling bit in its chuck, I was able to precisely mill a new flat spot on each tire. I purchased the optional compound table with the press, so it makes it easy to do jobs like this.






The gear legs needed some work to match the excellent detail of the wheel bays. Copper, brass, tin, aluminium, plastic card and some good reference photos.




I whipped up a small mask to tackle the black lines on the tail hook. I was able to remove the parts that were going to become the black lines, and then wrap the whole mask around the white tail hook.







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Super work Eric, love the custom masking. I have to ask, how will you manage to mask the roundels over the vortex generators on the wing? If anyone has the skill to manage, it's you ...




Hi Jim,


Just like this mate.


The problem with the wing roundels is that they sit directly over the vortex generators, presenting a rather difficult challenge to mask them or even to use decals for them. I was keen to accept the challenge of masking them and after some creative thinking came up with the following solution. I designed a portion of the mask to fit in amongst the vortex generators, which would give me a solid out line.




Using conventional Tamiya tape to tidy it up a bit.




I cut some fingers into the remaining mask




I then placed part of the outer circle of the roundel in to the main mask for placement of the Kangaroo mask. The fingers allowed the spaces in between the vortex generators to be masked.




Here is the result. I will need to touch it up with a small brush, but pretty happy with the result.



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That's some really good problem solving. I've never had the balls to cut my masks, but I would certainly feel a lot more comfortable doing it if I could cut another set myself ... terrific result. I ended up going to decals on my 1/48 one, it gave me fits getting them to sit down over the vortex generators. Really impressed with your solution.




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