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1/32 Italeri F-104S ASA "Spaghetti Starfighter"


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So. I was going to spin up the PBJ next, but the warm weather is lingering and, well, I've gotten a bit of a bug to do a lawn dart for some reason. 


After a lot of confused staring, and looking at tons of pictures on the internet, I've decided to do a late Italian F-104S ASA. Many of the later ones have some interesting but not over-the-top battering of the classic green and gray over bare metal scheme. It should be fun.




Not much to report yet, as I'm still wrapping up the Leopard C2, but I did get the Eduard seat freed from its various pour blocks last night. One thing I really like about this seat is how it pays attention to the ejection rails with a separate frame that installs right onto the bulkhead. Much appreciate, Eduard, much appreciated.



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Way back in '97 my F-16 squadron did a Checkered Flag deployment to Ghedi AFB for a glorious month of Europe alpine flying. We flew primarily with the Italian Tornados based at Ghedi, but we also fought (and beat up on) the Mirage 2000's from Orange AFB..but we also flew many sorties with and against the Italian 104's out of Villafranca. Those guys were awesome! Not a dogfighter by any stretch, but such a cool jet to see in flight.

You could shut your radar off at 20NM, because the 104 smoked so badly you could see them coming- I do remember it wasn't the easiest bandit to "gun", simply because there was no planform! It was a really small target from any angle...but it also took half of the continent for them to do a 180 degree turn..


Love the Italian 104's. Good memories. Should be an awesome build!





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Played with some #%*#!(!%@$^ resin last night. Love the detail, HATE Eduard's habit of putting the pour blocks behind the wheel hubs. It makes for a very frustrating removal and cleanup process.


But...all the resin is prepped now. Wheels, exhaust, seat, and a pretty slick Quickboost flight stick + boot.



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So...I found out today that "f*** Eduard" is in my phone's autocorrect list. And it's apropos, because that's exactly what I've decided with the cockpit PE. I'll use a few bits, but for the most part I'm going to charge ahead with the kit plastic. 


The IP isn't bad.




The side consoles are passable, too, though I did add a bit of extra detail to the starboard side with stretched sprue glued and snipped.








In several reference pics, I've noticed that the ejection seat frame has several scuffs in it, revealing a chromate-looking primer. So we're going to do some chipping. Laid the foundations tonight.



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Last night's work - setting up the chipping on the ejection frame, aft bulkhead and (not seen) starboard cockpit sill.




All done with AK chipping fluid topped by Tamiya black, then by lightened Tamiya XF-54, which is pretty close to the FS 36231 used in pretty much every US aircraft cockpit.


Tonight I get to move on to picking out the consoles and IP details in black. Oh, that will be so much fun.

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