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1/32 Sopwith Pup


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Hi !


Here is my first finished WNW model (i still have 2 on the bench). It was a pain to rig, but i think it is most because it's the first time for me. That was not very difficult, but very long.

The kit is very nice, as usual with WNW kits. It's pretty simple with not too much parts. The paint job is also pretty simple, but monocolor schemes are not the easiest to do, if you want to make it cool (not flat color with no variation, boring like death to look at....). I find it a bit too dark, but it depends a lot of the ambiant light, so i dont really know. The good point with british PC is that there is a lot of possibilities with no absolute truth, you can go from brown to green, that's interesting if you dont want to paint each time the same color.

The weathering is done with AK washes, and i applied a neutral wash from MIG on the rigging lines to break the white and give a more dirty/oxyded steel look. I hope i've not overdone the weathering as it is very muddy on the underside.



I hope you like it !


Here is a tiny bit of a WIP on another forum. It's pretty short, but there are a few WIP pictures : http://fighters.forumactif.com/t67055-1-32-sopwith-pup-wnw



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WOW !!!! very nice job !!!!! I always admire these kind of built , yours is very well done , and I think the weathering is not overdone , but just as it must be one such plane , especially the mud effect on the under side .. It was your first try ??? Chapeau monsieur !!!


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Thanks a lot !


Alain, it's not litterally a first try as i've started 3 WNW builds but only finished this one. I dont finish in the order i've started !


Kev from US, i dont doubt a second that your Camel will be astonishing !


Kev from Australia, yes you can publish it for sure ! (That's always an honor !)

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Bravo ! Beautifully done ! And I think you hit it right on the head....many people think "dull" when it comes to modeling the british planes of this era, but I think it is a challenge to get the color and weathering 'just right' as you have done. Excellent job.




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Hi Zero, your Pup is delightful. Truly a feast for the eyes.

The look of the linen is perfect from what I can see and the weathering appears just right. I was lucky enough to visit the Fleet Air Arm museum recently and they have a naval Pup. Your model is no dirtier than the real thing.


Beautiful work and thank you for taking the time to add so many images. All too often we only get to see one or two pictures so it is a pleasure to be able to browse through your collection.


Given that this is your first WWW build you've done a spectacular job. Magnificent.



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WOW, great build. One of the things I really like about your build , is the weathering. You don't see a lot of that with 2 wingers. Congrats !.........Harv :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :punk:

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