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Gunfighter! Crusader F-8C - Fisher conversion


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Lol, shes such a cutie! I bet she had a blast with her pop. Say hi to Sam for me. :)




Nice on ya on the Gunfighter man...........Ive only been buggin ya for updates for months! :lol:

Pit and fit look dead on



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Great job so far, I love it! Phil, once you attack the landing gear, there is a serious problem with the forward one: it is completely oversized. First of all, the wheel o/a diameter should be 15,8mm instead of 17,4mm (kit wheel and Fisher wheel have the same diameter, if I remember correctly). Then, the front gear leg is about 5mm too long. Last point, the front wheel fork is way too big giving the Trumpeter Crusader a pretty strange look with the landing gear down (in my opinion, at least).


Just have a look at a small comparison pic showing my (mostly scratchbuilt) RF-8G conversion:




The upper pic shows the model with front wheel and fork as included in the kit, the leg has already been shortened by 5mm. The photo below shows the model with shortened leg, new front wheel fork and new front wheel. The tyre comes from Academy's Hornet kit, the wheel hub is the Trumpeter one. As the Hornet tyre is still slightly too big in diameter, I have sanded it down to 16,2mm which looks OK in my opinion as the wheel hub is slightly too big in diameter, too.


Keep up the good work, this is going to be a great looking Crusader! :goodjob:

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Thanks for all the kind words gents and Brian, she says "Hi"!.

Starfighter, thanks for the info, I've got the black resin Contact Resine wheels and the G Factor gear for this one so I'll take on board your comments.

I decided to work on something else after the pit bogged me down for so long.

I'm doing this one with the airbrake closed so I thought I'd work on the belly for a bit.

Using the Aires gearbays means you leave off kit part F1 and only use the outer panel F2.


There was a gap under the panel which I can't see on any ref pics so I added a shim to fill it and also make it easier to fit the panel.






I then made up the airbrake and added the panels from the fuse, needed a few shims.



Dry-fitted. Its going to need a bit of fettling but its not bad at the moment.



One of the things Barry detailed on his superb build is that they have left out the catapault attatchment pin and fairing so oob it can't be launched!

Following his build I cut out a section of the T shaped panel.



Dry fit.



Made up the box from card adding plastic rod for the pin.





Then a dry fit of the air brake and panel.



Its not bad but will need some adjustments to get it all nice and tight.


Thanks for looking!

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