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Gunfighter! Crusader F-8C - Fisher conversion


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First I slid the main engine assembly into the tube (trying not to bend the bloody pe) and glued with thin ca.

Apologies for the pictures but its hard to see into the orofice.




Then fixed the afterburner petals and outer ring.




Better picture of my streaks of soot and crud.




Tried it in the fuse and its a good fit!




I was worried about the inner cone protruding too much but again I managed a good fit with it pretty flush.




One last job to do before closing the fuse and thats the hook and its bay.

Thanks for looking in.



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Phil, this is so great! That exhaust can came out so well. What exactly did you use? Is that all pastel work, or did you airbrush it?



The flames on the nose are such an awesome scheme, really fits the big mouth of the Crusader.




Matt :party0023:

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  • 4 months later...

Thanks for the kind words gentlemen!

The summer is finally over and the kids are back to school so its about time I did some work.


Highlight of the summer and probably a trip of a lifetime for me and my daughter was a day here:




Luckily my little one was old enough to appreciate it:




I also managed to take some pictures of this bloke running in the 200m heats:




But back to the aeroplane!

Biggest problem has been getting the Avionix pit to sit in the fuse.

Not only that it has to sit on top of the Fisher nose and fit the Aires IP and shroud.

One of those real monkeys that can break your will but its finally in and the fuse closed up.




With this conversion you have to remove the hump from the kit and replace with the Fisher top of the wing which I've already done.

You have to infill with a small piece of resin. Needs some milliput to get it finished but its in.




Aires ip and coaming just placed in position and its a pretty good fit.




One issue I've seen with all these builds is the split underneath.

Easier to fill this than sand down the resin nose and rescribe so a shim of plastic will do the job.




Back in a minute with more.

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I wasn't happy with the kit cannons and the lack of blast shields.

I curved some strips of 10 thou card over a paintbrush handle and slipped them in.




Cannon barrels are a few pieces of stainless steel tube fixed in with milliput.




I think I've managed to break the back of this one, the pit situation being the big hold up.

The canopy is going to be tricky but its a reasonable fit so far.

A dry fit of the wing is pretty good too.


Its quite surprising how big this thing is!




So its out with the filler, get all the seams nice and then go to work on the undersides, air brake and other bits and pieces.


Thanks for looking.



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Guest Peterpools


Terrific progress on the Crusader. Nice work getting the nose to mate up with the fuselage and the cannon details.

Looking good


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