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Here are some finished shots of my Montex Yak-1b. I enjoyed the build, and I am beginning to think that building resin kits is actually easier than building injected plastic kits. One thing for sure, the resin sands much easier and faster than plastic, so it seems to be much easier/faster to take care of any fit issues. Other than poor decals, the only complaints I can think of for this kit are that the rear windscreen is pretty cloudy (but it seems that the real thing had issues as well), and the rear and center canopy sections do not fit well. For the full build, and all of it's gory details, please check this thread: Work in Progress Build Thread


On to the photos:






















Thanks for looking! Comments/questions welcome!



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Very nice sir, very nice.


I have to say, I'm finding myself more and more fascinated by Soviet "Great Patriotic War" aircraft.


I can't seem to find the emoticons (using an iPad) but clap, thumbs up and nice job banner !



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Brilliant work, Doug! The camouflage looks beautiful. Always great to see a GPW VVS aircraft, especially in 1/32nd scale as they're so rare in this scale.


Best Regards,



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