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Finished (yay) Canadian MiG 29 SMT

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  • chrish changed the title to Canadian MiG 29 SMT

I'm not sure this is going to make it much further, the mojo for this build has failed. I actually contemplated trying it out as a chock block for the car or just tossing it out the top floor window.

As for now I have got the gear and doors installed and will consider my path with it




Thanks for looking

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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, DugyB said:

Yup, too late to quit now, down a bottle of cheap booze or something….:popcorn:

A wise man here!

I took your suggestion to heart and called on Captain Morgan for some assistance, he came over took  look and suggested getting off my arse and gluing the damned thing together.

Ok then...no more excuses, heres the "Finished" MiG 29 SMT story and model;

After the fall of Russia to the Ukrainian coalition and the death of the Russian president by two self inflicted gun shot wounds and a fall out of the second story window of his underground bunker....demilitarization of Russia took place with a lot of the military equipment sold off in order to finance the rebuilding of Easter Europe. Bombardier of Canada bought up several dozens of MiG's in the hopes of finally re-stocking and backing up the now geriatric F/A 18 fleet with a more modern aircraft. These aircraft were (including but not limited to the following upgrades) they were re-powered with the more easily obtainable GE 404 engines, domestic avionics, ejection seat, radar, and, BF Goodrich tires.

A few of the aircraft were painted in colorful "Demonstrator" schemes and shown and flown at airshows. This aircraft was painted in the tactical Canada Goose scheme (particularly effective against US Airlines pilots...Sully was seen to shiver when he saw it)

The aircraft are never flown in less than a three plane formation, always flown in a V formation and being equipped with horns, the horns must be blown constantly while in flight
















the back story is all for fun, not meant to offend

Thanks for looking

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  • chrish changed the title to Finished (yay) Canadian MiG 29 SMT

I suspect this what-if was a lot more work than it has been made to seem.  Love it.  Great background material as well and, in today’s world, very believable.  Everyone needs to build a good what-if like this at least once in their modeling careers. Several hundred thumbs-up from this station.

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