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Finished (yay) Canadian MiG 29 SMT

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Never resting on my laurels or... whatever I have decided to join this group build with a model that I have no idea why I bought it. Trumpeters MiG 29 SMT

If I don't do something stupid with it, it'll probably never get built. I've never been a big fan of Russian aircraft but the splinter scheme on the box top must have inspired me.

So, here we are

Oh ya, I guess it needs a plausible ish story. But doing that would give away the build...which I don't want to do, yet

I have a story in mind and will build on that as I build on the model. With no further babble lets begin;




The hump back is the reason for my brain fart "Imagination land" build. Well, that and a friend from the local hobby club members suggestion



first up, work begins on the cockpit;




Aaannd I'm off (my rocker)

Thanks for stopping by

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Posted (edited)

Quit goofing off you guys! this is serious ducking around going on here!

and with that, the fuselage has been glued together and work on my sloppy glue joints is under way

First a work in progress image;


then all glued up;




ok having left over bits from at least 4-5 Academy Hornets as well as left overs from the MiG29 in Ukrainian digital camouflage (it got Reskit tailpipes) has offered me an opportunity to re-engine this model or at least...re-tail pipe this model. On the left a spare tail pipe from the last MiG, 2nd from left; this kit's tail pipe painted and ready for use, 3rd from left a spare MiG tail pipe cut down to fit an Academy F-18 tail pipe and the last on the right, how the F-18 tail pipe fits the MiG part and the last pic, how it will will look if installed




last pic, still using the kit heat shield


Thanks for looking


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