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  1. I didn’t know that. I have a Firefly kit and Sea fury upgrade in the stash! I was following Tim’s progress with this, it’ll be good to see it take shape in your hands. No pressure. Mike
  2. What a fantastic job you are making of this, very inspirational. If you decide to produce a F3 conversion set, I'd like a set. I'd also like 2 sets of intakes as well please, one for the F3 you'll hopefully produce, and one for my stalled GR4 build that's on the shelf of doom, because I couldn't work out how to fix the intakes!! Twentyten
  3. I too noticed the ad in the Magazine, but alas, no mention of it on their website. The thought had occured, that as it said, "Limited Release" on the advert, and at the bottom of the ad it says please visit us at Scale model world, that it may be a show special. I hope not!! Mike
  4. Those flaps look amazing, you've really have done a great job on them. Mike
  5. Great progress, I'll be following this as I have this in the stash. Mike
  6. Thanks for the step by step on the fod covers, and with pictures!! Keep up the good work Mike
  7. Yeah nice job on the covers, I like the way you've replicated the folds in the "fabric" very realistic. I've toy'ed with the idea of adding the interior of the intake but I think the undercarrige bays and the wing sweep gearing are going to put paid to that. Mike
  8. You've made an excellent job so far, that leading edge slat looks superb. Did you anneal the parts to help in the forming of them, or does that only work with etch brass? Mike.
  9. Nice job on the Flaps, how are you finding them? I'm taking notes Mike
  10. Great start so far!! I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the Flightpath Flaps, I'm currently building this Kit, But the FP flap set is scaring me Good luck with the build, I'll be following. Mike
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