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  1. Thank you everyone for the great replies since the time I was last here. Unfortunately in the meantime the links had gone down but I managed to be able to restore them today. I am happy this community is still going! (And that my account still exists, thanx to the admin fairies for that!) I am looking forward to making some more models before I go completely blind I spent the intervening years still collecting 1:32 kits (the collection is now a substantial space problem lol, I'll post some pics of it sometime), and delving into the world of 3d modeling and simulation..so for those who would like to know what I did between then and now, well, I did mostly this: https://www.sas1946.com/main/ But now I want to get back to styrene, because this december I am finishing up my loooooong time project, my big display cabinet for the planes....and there is LOTS of space in it All the best!
  2. The model contains a PE cockpit and some other bits for the gears and flaps from Eduard. thanx for watching! Piet
  3. This is a modified Hasegawa kit I made recently for myself quietly. It is the 109 A-8 Plane flown my the comrade of Rudel, Maj Karl Kennel, of SG2 and deliberately crashed on landing to surrender at Kitzingen. Read more here http://fw190.hobbyvista.com/kitzingen1.htm and here http://www.luftwaffe.cz/kennel.html When I first saw the camo scheme, I knew I just HAD to do it, you know?
  4. I leave mine on a shelf for a few weeks, then brush off the excess. No seriously, I do. I promise.
  5. Stunning paintjob man! I am all giggly looking at it. This is really going to pop out once you have the matt coat on. I watched a doccie on TV about F18's last night and was amazed at how faded and beat up their pait jobs was after a while. You have captured it awesomely. Your whole build goes into my reference library.
  6. That is just brilliant news. I am very much against kit bashing as it most often happens on other sites. Here we are more tolerant, and that is very cool. As to advice on rivets, my suggestion would be to have a look at the Hasegawa 109. On the top there is harly a rivet in sight, while at the bottom they are tastefully done. This is because on the real planes the top rivets were often filled in. I can see how a kit creator would be tempted to add rivets, as they look impressive to the layman, but for a truly great kit, my personal choice would be to have them very slight, or even not at all. Whichever way though, if you have to have them, they should be very small and shallow. But preferably just have the ones most neccesary, and those should be small, leave the rest off. The Hasegawa 109 and 190 kits are excellent examples of this. Whichever wa this goes, I happily support new companies coming into 1/32. We all remember how jucky the Trump Mig 15 was. They sure are churning out great kits now though! Later edit: I second Astro, in terms of the BMF sabre, the Hasegawa P47 would be the perfect clone for surface detail. Ask your guys to get themselves a copy of it. They wont be sorry, and it would be fun to watch TC choke on his own words again.
  7. Derek is right about museum aircraft and flyable rebuilds. Since I did some research for the Military museum here, and for the great IL2 FW190 gunsight debate, I have found numerous inaccuracies in museum planes around the world. This does not detract from the exhibits, and does not reflect a lack of knowledge on the part of the curators, but is more often a result of neccesity, costs and availability. For example, the 190 at the luft museum in ...? (I forget, I think Chris can help) is often used in reference for cockpit layouts, yet it is quite innaccurate in a number of areas, starting with the gunsight and including a removable dash for display purpouses. It is always dangerous to make reference use of such planes , especially one plane alone, and especially flyable examples, which are often very different for safety reasons than the originals. Having said that, as someone who came at modeling from the 1:1 world, it is scary for me to see the low standard of drawings used many modelers for reference sometimes. I think as far as drawings go, probably Bently's is amongs the best in the business, yet when it came to reconstructing mockups to fit onto original airframes, even Bentley's was way off in some cases. In the end, for me, modeling became less of a chase to build an exact scale replica of the original (impossible and the road to madness) , and more about capturing the essence of a plane in a place in history. I have less satisfaction from a collector who hauls out a magnifying glass and marvels at all the little bits, than from a guy who just stands there open mouthed and moved, trying to figure out why he wants to duck and cover suddenly. If a kit captures the essence of the bird fairly accurately, that is mission accomplished for the kitmaker AFAIC. In that respect Trupeter's Spit, and other kits are a roaring success. I generally disregard small shape issues. If you want to critisice them, bring the factory blueprints, or the part from the actual plane. Anything else is simply not evidence. For example, building a 1:1 scale 109 canopy is easy. But as soon as I add "to fit onto an actual 109", it becomes a lot harder. Either you need to take some tape, knives and cardboard to the real plane and measure up, or find blueprints for it that are authentic (try it sometime), or buy a relic from a collector and copy it. I do concede that there are shape issues that are serious on some kits, to the extent that it then fails to capture the subject. Wooden kits are one extreme example of this for me. But also this varies according to the modeler and his interests. A canopy that will ruin an f16 for a f16 lover will not bother me, but I might cringe everytime I see the wrong spinner shape on a Hase 109. So a review is right to point out issues, be they real or imagined (nobody's perfect), and the reader then has to have the security of caracter to ignore or absorb it. But I cant comment on the article in question and the references in there. I have stopped reading stuff from that author a while ago already.
  8. If they are clever they will do a re-tooled Spitfire right away. Thast alone will keep them in business for decades. Other subjects that seem to have slipped throught the cracks so far... -a good F-22 and /or JSF in 1/32 -a Normal everyday Cessna in 1/32(I know it sounds silly, but think about it) - A 1/32 Harvard -me 210/410 -new tool hurricane -Fairey Swordfish -Gladiator -Gloster Meteor -a new Raiden ...and any number of ww2 Russian planes.
  9. You are an insane monster. That is beautifull work!
  10. Aaaah, dont tease me man! South Africa is soooo lonely for an LSP builder. I avoid the IPMS'es like the plague, so the only people I ever talk to are the collectors, which is tedious business talk (and THEY never want to take me out for a steak ...thank god!), and the guys from the Military Museum's workshop, who build insane LS tanks, but are so far ahead of me it is frightening ("...and if I take the tweasers and pull this little cable here, the turret will autostabelize and fire this little round...") But if you are ever here, give us a shout. You're on for everything you said. In fact that goes for every LSP guy here.
  11. Cheers AB! Have a Windhoek Lager with us! Cheers!
  12. Hi Dude! You can find the finished Ki84 plus steps in the other pages of the thread. here: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.ph...pic=14854&st=15 http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.ph...pic=14854&st=30 http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.ph...pic=14854&st=45 All the best! Piet PS. I am PM'ing this as well.
  13. If you really want it, I am visiting the UK sometime in the next 18 months for some concerts and to count money with Jay. We should just have your people call my people Sorry Matt, but I cant bring myself to talk to Aussies for a few weeks. I know you will understand. It is not out of soreness but out of shame...man, you guys can play that game! Hats off to you. Good news as well. Jozef Andal is working on a 262 book. I have already sent him a wopper of a walkaround and cockpit invasion of Ursula, our 262 twin seater out here.
  14. Hey dudes! I just got a copy of a new 109 book by my friend Jozef Andal. It is a 109F-G reference book with oodles of pictures, graphix and profiles. And like the previous Fw190 book, here are some of my pictures in as well!I'm famous I'm famous! Who wants my autograph?
  15. Oh dont worry, if you read it again carefully you will see me slinging such gems as "foaming at the mouth". I thought that rather undiplomatic! (I have a reputation to uphold you know). I also re-wrote the tools part a few times, lest I fail to keep mum Speaking of which, how's Roberta doing?
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