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  1. Hi, everyone, it's a while since I posted here. Does anyone have a link to any R.A.F. P47 Mk1 Thunderbolt razorbacks in NMF? Nearly finished my Revell !/32 Jug but have yet to find schemes in oth that camo, I was hoping to find somthing a little bit more colouful TIA Pez
  2. Ok guys, got hold of a Tamiya 1/32 Spit Mk9. What are your guys thoughts on the pilot figure? Looks great to me in the instructions but not opened the bag to take a closer look. Is it good or should I get an aftermarket figure? just fancy doing a model with a pilot in the office for a change.
  3. Just fighting with an old P.40 right now Kev, its in the markings of Neville Duke's aircraft, GA*V, just painting the shark's mouth on, doing it by hand coz I understand that how it was done in the field? Its been fighting me all the way !
  4. Too right Stephen! I love the challenge, don't do anything simple as you have seen in the past but, when when you conquer the kit, you have a sense of pride in doing so. The old Revell kits are great but can be quite a challenge, especially whenchopping and converting but, if you persvere, you have something that maybe nobody else will have a replica of. However, its nice to do somthing almost out of the box after a few difficult builds just to give a break before the next awkward build
  5. Got to admit, there is something 'special and nostalgic' about the old Revells, even the smell of the open boxes brings back childhood memories
  6. Heaven knows how much lead weight I put in the noses of my 1/32 P.38 and Hawk but I used white metal legs on both. I have stood both on squares of green felt and so far, no splaying. The original kit legs on the P.38 collapsed as soon as I sat her on her feet.
  7. OK you lot, so who is going to admit to googling 'Touchdown Models' after this post?
  8. my searches for Touchdown Models brought up pictures of scantily clad young ladies :/
  9. I did a search for Touchdown last year after that horrfiic accident Iain but found nothing
  10. Thanks Iain, yes it was!
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