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  1. You have the chaff and flare buckets backwards, the ones that are angled out on both sides are the newer flare buckets and the chaff is the older one you have facing down. Is there any way you can switch them around still. Looking good so far Yeah I hate to see wheels like that too good fix on yours well done. Like the PE as well
  2. not sure what the upper part is but that doesn't go on the stab but the bottom one does for sure. That is the stab actuator. The ESSS looks really good now that you put that plastic in place it set just right. Looks good
  3. Take the stab actuator and move it up further underneath the fairing as shown here.
  4. the part for the stabilator accuator is in the kit it is A9 it is next to the collectives and the fuel dump pipe
  5. Yes sir those are them, you can use a scrap piece of card to cover that. The ESSS fairing will cover that up so it wont be seen.
  6. If you can remove those step fairings those are the old styl and arent used hardly anymore especially with the DAP's. If you cant sand the ridge down and that should help. The things on the gear legs are wire cutters whcih is part of the wire strike kit on the hawk.
  7. Dont scribe the ovals those are not on the Blackhawk. Academy molded those for the spot for the Weather radar for the MH-60G. you can fill those in.
  8. Here are the pics of the areas I pointed out to you. This is from my hawk this morning Erick
  9. Just some observations of your build to improve some of your work that is looking pretty good. The white square in the pic should be an access panel scribed in and then split down the middle. The square is not accurate but an approx position for the oil cooler access doors. The black line is another panel line that needs to be scribed across for the APU compartment doors, and the red lines on the HIRSS supports show where they should go not turned in. Keep up the good work Erick
  10. I used the Academy IP coaming for my Superhornet build and it fit perfect. Might be something to look at and try it also fits the IP with no mods. Looks good so far keep it up
  11. Looking nice bro thats what I love about this hobby is we can share info between each other
  12. You will have to ask Timmy they are his and I dont want to impose but he should be able to help you out bro
  13. hahaha amen bro i do as well sometimes hahah, I removed the whole wall from what I can see it is just the armor plate behind the seat. Pm timmy here and he should be able to help you out, pm me to and give me your email addy so we can talk offline
  14. Was talking with Timmy the guy who did the scratch 24th D model and he told me there is no bulkhead behind the Obs seat just the armor plate, so thats what I am going with, he sent me a bunch of pics and it is a straight thru shot and it gives you more opprotunities to add wire bundles along the backsides,
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