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  1. This kit does have individual link tracks. Some people have drilled them out for metal pins, but I found it almost maddening to do that correctly. I replaced the stock plastic tracks with metal Spade Ace ones instead. Here is a link to an RC conversion of this kit, which will probably answer any questions you might have. https://www.rctankwarfare.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=28436
  2. Since the start of this Covid thing, I've noticed that it takes a LOT longer to get deliveries to the US from foreign countries. A resin figure from Poland took nearly three months and out of eight shipments from China, four of them took more than two months. I don't fault the sellers, as I know that the delay is with the shipping companies/post offices. What I do object to is that ebay has a 60-day limit on leaving feedback, and even if I believe that the seller did nothing wrong; I can't leave them positive feedback for it after that. I did contact ebay to suggest that they temporarily e
  3. Starting this Sunday, 1 September, visitors will FINALLY be able to access the memorial from the landing dock for the launches. It has been long overdue, but well worth your time, if you are planning a future visit. -Mike
  4. I hope not to steal the thunder from Squizzy's wonderful build, but nearly a year ago I posted information about the problem the USS Arizona Memorial was having with the access onto the memorial itself. I thought it was time to give you folks an update; especially for anyone who might be planning a trip here with plans to visit the memorial. In May of 2018, the staff determined that the concrete structure used for visitors to disembark the boat and provide access to the gangway leading onto the memorial itself; was damaged. Access to the memorial was suspended until repairs could
  5. I was in the Marine Detachment aboard the USS Midway from 1972 to 1974. Somewhere, I have photos of that Crusader. The center part of the front wing, (the part that shows when it's raised for takeoffs and landings), is painted red, with two evil-looking eyeballs, and the words "EYES OF THE FLEET" underneath. I didn't take a lot of photos of the aircraft we had, but thought that one was pretty cool. -Mike
  6. Since I live in Hawaii, I can provide a little information that you may not be aware of, (for anyone planning a trip here in the near future). The visitor's center was rebuilt only a few years ago, and is a vast improvement on what was there before. One of the buildings has a 'builder's model' of the USS Arizona in a glass case that will help you visualize some details that may be difficult to see on a photo. In fact, one of our IPMS Hawaii members, (a diver who helped conduct the hand-over-hand mapping survey that allowed them to produce an as-it-sits drawing), built a 1/700 diorama of the
  7. I like the Impact T66 tracks, and used them on my Sherman as well. They also sell the sprockets separately, which is about the only way to get solid sprockets. Before you decide to buy a set of their tracks with rubber faces (for traction inside the house, I think you said), be aware that the tracks they sell are made for the M26 Pershing, which has a more-narrow center guide tooth than the Sherman track does. They do sell the same set (with fewer links) for the Sherman, but it runs sloppy between the roadwheels, and doesn't look quite right, either. It will fit the Sherman's sprockets, th
  8. I fell in love with this aircraft when I first found out about it - maybe 10 years ago. My goal is to build it in 1/18 scale, and I have NOT made a lot of progress on it so far! Ebay has a 1/72 conversion kit, and there is also a set of Peddinhaus decals in 1/72. I wrote to him and asked if he could enlarge the squadron symbol up to 1/18 scale (figuring that it would be the most difficult for me to find or paint). To my happy surprise, he was willing to enlarge the whole sheet to 1/18! (Cost a bit more than I wanted to spend, but now I have a complete set of correct markings). I've tried
  9. Meng has a whole series of sheets of nut & bolt heads for around $6 to $10, (some are just the flat bolt head, and some have a bit of the threads protruding). They are all supposed to be 1/35 scale, but three of their sets are designated as "large" and work well for 1/16 scale.
  10. I don't normally contribute, but the irony of this incident is just too coincidental to what happened to me NOT to. It was around 1969 and I was about 15 years old and living on Bolling Air Force Base in Washington DC. A family friend was a member of a local flying club, and spent some weekends out flying for the day in the Virginia area; trying to build up his hours towards getting an instructor's license. My mother knew his wife pretty well, and she asked if I would like to go out flying with him on a Saturday. (And at 15, I absolutely jumped at the chance)! We went to the airfield a
  11. Verlinden used to have a 1/15 (120mm) kit no. 973 of a British S.A.S Jeep, (this was the conversion kit to their resin jeep kit). The parts fit very well with the Danbury metal Jeep, but you'll have to source figures for it. The kit hasn't been out for awhile, but they still come up for reasonable money, if you're patient. -Mike
  12. I really appreciate your pictures (especially the reference photos) as they clearly show what needed to be worked on. I am hoping to one day build this in the larger Tamiya 1/14 scale, and believe me; your build is the best I have seen so far of this truck in ANY scale! Thank you. -Mike
  13. Excellent that you could spark her interest in this, Paul. I never could seem to manage it with my own kids, but have a grandson I'm going to try again with. You know, I have a friend who had a hobby shop who believes that when WE all pass on, there won't be anyone left to take our place building models. From what he has experienced, most younger people are willing to buy already-built-and-painted models, and "don't have time" to build it themselves. Lagging sales (due both to that and people buying off the internet) caused him to shut down last year. I'm really happy to see you involv
  14. Paul, if you blue the tracks with Birchwood Casey, just make sure to get the solution for aluminum, as the one for steel won't work. Another option is to soak the tracks in white vinegar for two hours, and then rinse, (I run them through a solution of baking soda in water - which stops any further chemical reaction - and then straight tap water to rinse them). Your Panther is looking great!
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